Massachusetts Localities
Civil Divisions and Municipalities

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-------MA Counties & MCDs with historical data------
(with their shire towns in italics)
[dates of formation of county in brackets]
Barnstable- Barnstable [1685]
Berkshire- Pittsfield [1760, government abolished, 2000]
Bristol- Taunton [1685]
Dukes- Edgartown [1695]
Essex- Salem [1643, government abolished, 1999]
Franklin- Greenfield [1811, government abolished, 1998]
Hampden- Springfield [1812, government abolished, 1998]
Hampshire- Northampton [1662, government abolished, 1999]
Middlesex- Cambridge [1643, government abolished, 1997]
Nantucket- Nantucket [1695]
Norfolk- Dedham [1793, government abolished, 2000]
Plymouth- Plymouth [1685]
Suffolk- Boston [1643, government abolished, 1999]
Worcester- Worcester [1731, government abolished, 1998]
(Note: Though "Towns" are the Minor Civil Division in MASSACHUSETTS, "Cities"- although incorporated Municipalities- replace the functions of the Town, are separate from any Town and, therefore, are considered to be MCDs in Massachusetts as well.)
[dates of incorporation of MCDs in brackets]
Barnstable County
BARNSTABLE (Town) [1638] - county courthouse
Bourne (Town) [1884]
Brewster (Town) [1803]
Chatham (Town) [1712: previously, unorganized 'district' of "Manamoit(=modern 'Monomoy')"]
Dennis (Town) [1793]
Eastham (Town) [1651: unorganized 'district' of "Nawsett"(=modern 'Nauset'), 1643-1651]
Falmouth (Town) [1694]
Harwich (Town) [1694: previously, unorganized 'plantation' of "Satucket[t]"]
Mashpee (Town) [1870: unorganized 'district', 1763-1870- often spelled "Marshpee" throughout this period]
Orleans (Town) [1797]
Provincetown (Town) [1727]
Sandwich (Town) [1638: originally, "Sanditch"]
Truro (Town) [1709: previously, unorganized 'plantation' called "Pawmett(=modern 'Pamet')"]
Wellfleet (Town) [1763]
Yarmouth (Town) [1639: previously, unorganized 'plantation' called "Mattacheeset[t]"]
Berkshire County
[ADAMS] (Town) [1778: previously, an unorganized 'plantation' called "East Hoosuck(=modern 'Hoosac' or 'Hoosic[k]')"]- auxiliary courthouse
Alford (Town) [1775: was unorganized 'district', 1773-1775]
Becket (Town) [1765: previously, part of an unorganized 'plantation' known as "Number Four"]
Cheshire (Town) [1793]
Clarksburg (Town) [1798]
Dalton (Town) [1784: previously, an unorganized 'plantation' called "Ashuelot Equivalent"]
Egremont (Town) [1775: was unorganized 'district', 1760-1775]
Florida (Town) [1805]
[GREAT BARRINGTON] (Town) [1761]- auxiliary courthouse
Hancock (Town) [1776: previously, an unorganized 'plantation' called "Jericho"]
Hinsdale (Town) [1804]
Lanesborough (Town) [1765: previously, an unorganized 'plantation' called "New Framingham"]
Lee (Town) [1777]
Lenox (Town) [1775: was unorganized 'district', 1767-1775]
Monterey (Town) [1847]
Mount Washington (Town) [1779: previously, an unorganized 'plantation' called "Tauconnuck(=modern "Taconic" or "Taghkanic") Mountain"]
New Ashford (Town) [1836: was unorganized 'district', 1781-1836]
New Marlborough (Town) [1775: was unorganized 'district', 1759-1775]
North Adams (City) [town, 1878; inc. as a city, 1895]
Otis (Town) [town, 1809: was "Loudon", 1809-1819; before 1809, had been separate unorganized 'districts' of "Bethlehem"(1789: previously, an unorganized 'plantation' known as the "North Eleven Thousand Acres") and "Loudon" (1773: previously, an unorganized 'plantation' known as "Tyringham Equivalent")]
Peru (Town) [1771: previously, an unorganized 'plantation' known as "Number Two"; was "Partridgefield", 1771-1806]
PITTSFIELD (City) [town, 1761: previously, a 'plantation' called "Pontoosuc[k]"; inc. as a city, 1889]- county courthouse
Richmond (Town) [1765: was "Richmont", 1765-1785; previously, an unorganized 'plantation' known variously as "Yokum Town" and "Mount Ephraim"]
Sandisfield (Town) [1762: previously, an unorganized 'plantation' known as "Number Three"]
Savoy (Town) [1797]
Sheffield (Town) [1733: previously, part of an unorganized 'plantation' called "Houssatannick(=modern 'Housatonic')"]
Stockbridge (Town) [1739: previously, an unorganized 'plantation' called "the Indian Town"]
Tyringham (Town) [1762: previously, an unorganized 'plantation' known as "Number One"]
Washington (Town) [1777: previously, an unorganized 'plantation' called "Hartwood"]
West Stockbridge (Town) [1775: was unorganized 'district', 1774-1775]
Williamstown (Town) [1765: previously, an unorganized 'plantation' called "West Hoosuck(=modern 'Hoosac' or 'Hoosic[k]')"]
Windsor (Town) [1771: was "Gageborough", 1771-1778; previously, part of an unorganized 'plantation' called "Number Four"]
[additional historical notes: unorganized 'district' of "Boston Corner" est. 1838; ceded to NY STATE, 1853/ unorganized 'district' of "Southfield" est. 1797 from an unorganized 'plantation' known as "the South Eleven Thousand Acres": annexed to Sandisfield, 1819]
Bristol County
Acushnet (Town) [1860]
Attleboro (City) [town, 1694- as "Attleborough"; inc. as a city with current spelling, 1914]
Berkley (Town) [1735]
Dartmouth (Town) [1664: previously, separate unorganized 'plantations' called "Acushena", "Coaksett" and "Ponagansett", 1652-1664]
Dighton (Town) [1712]
Easton (Town) [1725]
Fairhaven (Town) [1812]
Fall River (City) [town, 1803: was "Troy", 1804-1834; inc. as a city, 1854; separate Fall River town inc. by RI, 1856- ceded to MASS. and made part of city, 1862]
Freetown (Town) [1683: previously, unorganized 'plantation' known as "the Freemen's Land"]
Mansfield (Town) [1775: was unorganized 'district', 1770-1775]
New Bedford (City) [town, 1787; inc. as a city, 1847]
North Attleborough (Town) [1887]
Norton (Town) [1710]
Raynham (Town) [1731]
Rehoboth (Town) [1645: previously, was unorganized 'plantation' of "Seacunck(=modern 'Seekonk')"]
Seekonk (Town) [1812]
Somerset (Town) [1790]
Swansea (Town) [1668]
TAUNTON (City) [town, 1639: previously, was unorganized 'plantation' of "Cohannet"; inc. as a city, 1864]- county courthouse
Westport (Town) [1787]
[additional historical note: town of "Wellington" inc. 1814: annexed by Dighton, 1828]
Dukes County
Aquinnah (Town) [1870: was "Gay Head", 1870-1998; previously, an unorganized 'district', 1856-1870; before 1856, was an Indian 'reserve']
Chilmark (Town) [1714: unorganized 'district', 1694-1714]
EDGARTOWN (Town) [1694: had been town of "Great Harbour" inc. by NY STATE, 1671]- county courthouse
Gosnold (Town) [1864]
Oak Bluffs (Town) [1880: originally known as "Cottage City"]
Tisbury (Town) [1694: had been town of "Middletowne" inc. by NY STATE, 1671]
West Tisbury (Town) [1892]
Essex County
Amesbury (Town) [1668]
Andover (Town) [1646: previously, was unorganized 'plantation' called "Cochicawick"]
Beverly (City) [town, 1668; inc. as a city, 1894]
Boxford (Town) [1694]
Danvers (Town) [1757: was unorganized 'district', 1752-1757]
Essex (Town) [1819]
Georgetown (Town) [1838]
Gloucester (City) [town, 1642: previously, was unorganized 'plantation' called "Cape Anne"; inc. as a city, 1873]
Groveland (Town) [1850]
Hamilton (Town) [1793]
Haverhill (City) [town, 1641: previously, unorganized 'plantation' called "Pantucket"; inc. as a city, 1869]
Ipswich (Town) [1634: previously, unorganized 'plantation' called "Aggawam"]
[LAWRENCE] (City) [town, 1847; inc. as a city, 1853]- auxiliary courthouse
Lynn (City) [1637: was unorganized 'plantation' of "Saugus", 1631-1637; inc. as a city, 1850]
Lynnfield (Town) [1814: was unorganized 'district', 1782-1814]
Manchester (Town) [1645]
Marblehead (Town) [1649: was unorganized 'plantation' of "Marble Harbour", 1635-1649]
Merrimac (Town) [1876]
Methuen (Town) [1725]
Middleton (Town) [1728]
Nahant (Town) [1853]
Newbury (Town) [1635: previously, unorganized 'plantation' of "Wessacucon"]
Newburyport (City) [town, 1764; inc. as a city, 1851]
North Andover (Town) [1855]
Peabody (City) [town, 1855: was "South Danvers", 1855-1868; inc. as a city, 1916]
Rockport (Town) [1840]
Rowley (Town) [1639: previously, was unorganized "Rogers' Plantation"]
SALEM (City) [town, 1630; inc. as a city, 1836]- county courthouse
Salisbury (Town) [1640: previously, was unorganized 'plantation' of "Colechester"]
Saugus (Town) [1815]
Swampscott (Town) [1852]
Topsfield (Town) [1650: was unorganized 'district', 1648-1650]
Wenham (Town) [1643]
West Newbury (Town) [1819: was "Parsons", 1819-1820]
[additional historical note: town of "Bradford" inc. 1675: annexed by Haverhill, c. 1897]
Franklin County
Ashfield (Town) [1765: previously, unorganized 'plantation' called "Huntstown"]
Bernardston (Town) [1762: previously, unorganized 'plantation' called "Falltown"]
Buckland (Town) [1779: previously, unorganized 'plantation' called "No-town"]
Charlemont (Town) [1765]
Colrain (Town) [1761]
Conway (Town) [1775: unorganized 'district', 1767-1775]
Deerfield (Town) [1677]
Erving (Town) [1838: previously, unorganized 'plantation' called "Erving's Grant"] 
Gill (Town) [1793]
GREENFIELD (Town) [1775: unorganized 'district', 1753-1775]- county courthouse
Hawley (Town) [1792: previously, unorganized 'plantation' known as "Number Seven"]
Heath (Town) [1785]
Leverett (Town) [1774]
Leyden (Town) [1809: unorganized 'district', 1784-1809]
Monroe (Town) [1822]
Montague (Town) [1775: unorganized 'district', 1754-1775]
New Salem (Town) [1775: unorganized 'district', 1753-1775]
Northfield (Town) [1714: previously, unorganized 'plantation' called "Squakead"]
Orange (Town) [1810: unorganized 'district', 1783-1810]
Rowe (Town) [1785]
Shelburne (Town) [1775: unorganized 'district', 1768-1775]
Shutesbury (Town) [1761: previously, unorganized 'plantation' called "Roadtown"]
Sunderland (Town) [1718]
Warwick (Town) [1763: previously, unorganized 'plantation' called "Roxbury Canada"]
Wendell (Town) [1781]
Whately (Town) [1771]
Hampden County
Agawam (Town) [1855]
Blandford (Town) [1741: unorganized 'plantation' known variously as "Suffolk Equivalent" or "Glascow"]
Brimfield (Town) [1731: unorganized 'plantation', 1722-1731]
Chester (Town) [1765: was "Murrayfield", 1765-1783]
Chicopee (City) [town, 1848: inc. as a city, 1890]
East Longmeadow (Town) [1894]
Granville (Town) [1775: unorganized 'district', 1754-1775; previously, unorganized 'plantation' of "Bedford"]
Hampden (Town) [1878]
Holland (Town) [1836: unorganized 'district', 1783-1836]
Holyoke (City) [town, 1850: inc. as a city, 1873]
Longmeadow (Town) [1783]
Ludlow (Town) [1775: unorganized 'district', 1774-1775]
Monson (Town) [1775: unorganized 'district', 1760-1775]
Montgomery (Town) [1780]
Palmer (Town) [1775: unorganized 'district', 1752-1775; previously, unorganized 'plantation' known variously as "Kingsfield", "New Marlborough" and "The Elbows"]
Russell (Town) [1792]
Southwick (Town) [1775: unorganized 'district', 1770-1775]
SPRINGFIELD (City) [town, 1641: previously, unorganized 'plantation' called "Agawam" first est. by CT; inc. as a city, 1852]- county courthouse
Tolland (Town) [1810]
Wales (Town) [1775: was unorganized 'district', 1762-1775; was called "South Brimfield", 1762-1828]
Westfield (City) [town, 1669: inc. as a city, 1920]
West Springfield (Town) [1774]
Wilbraham (Town) [1763]
Hampshire County
Amherst (Town) [1775: unorganized 'district', 1759-1775]
Belchertown (Town) [1761: previously, unorganized 'plantation' called "Cold Spring"]
Chesterfield (Town) [1762: previously, unorganized 'plantation' called "New Hingham"]
Cummington (Town) [1779: previously, part of the 'plantation' known as "Number Five"]
Easthampton (Town) [1809: unorganized 'district', 1785-1809]
Goshen (Town) [1781: previously, unorganized 'plantation' of "Chesterfield Gore"]
Granby (Town) [1768]
Hadley (Town) [1661: previously, unorganized 'plantation' of "Near Northampton"]
Hatfield (Town) [1670]
Huntington (Town) [1775: unorganized 'district', 1773-1775; was called "Norwich", 1773-1855]
Middlefield (Town) [1783]
NORTHAMPTON (City) [town, 1656: previously, unorganized 'plantation' of "Nonotuck"; inc. as a city, 1883]- county courthouse
Pelham (Town) [1743: previously, unorganized 'plantation' called "New Lisburne"]
Plainfield (Town) [1807: unorganized 'district', 1785-1807]
Southampton (Town) [1775: unorganized 'district', 1753-1775]
South Hadley (Town) [1775: unorganized 'district', 1753-1775]
Ware (Town) [1775: unorganized 'district', 1761-1775]
Westhampton (Town) [1778]
Williamsburg (Town) [1775: unorganized 'district', 1771-1775]
Worthington (Town) [1768: previously, unorganized 'plantation' known as "Number Three"]
[additional historical notes: town of "Enfield" inc. 1816/town of "Greenwich" inc. 1754: previously, unorganized 'plantation' called "Quab[b]in"/town of "Prescott" inc. 1822... these 3 towns were disincorporated, 1938, as a result of the creation of Quabbin Reservoir]
Middlesex County
Acton (Town) [1735]
Arlington (Town) [1807: was "West Cambridge", 1807-1867]
Ashby (Town) [1767]
Ashland (Town) [1846]
Ayer (Town) [1871]
Bedford (Town) [1729]
Belmont (Town) [1859]
Billerica (Town) [1655]
Boxborough (Town) [1836: unorganized 'district', 1783-1836]
Burlington (Town) [1799]
CAMBRIDGE (City) [1636: unorganized 'plantation', 1631-1636; called "NewTowne", 1631-1638; inc. as a city, 1846]- county courthouse
Carlisle (Town) [1805: unorganized 'district', 1754-1756 and 1780-1805]
Chelmsford (Town) [1655]
Concord (Town) [1635: previously, unorganized 'plantation' called "Musketequid"]
Dracut (Town) [1701]
Dunstable (Town) [1680]
Everett (City) [town, 1870; inc. as a city, 1892]
Framingham (Town) [1700: unorganized 'plantation', 1675-1700]
Groton (Town) [1655: previously, unorganized 'plantation' called "Petapawag"]
Holliston (Town) [1724]
Hopkinton (Town) [1715: previously, unorganized 'plantation' of "Moguncoy"]
Hudson (Town) [1866]
Lexington (Town) [1713]
Lincoln (Town) [1754]
Littleton (Town) [1715]
[LOWELL] (City) [town, 1826; inc. as a city, 1836]- auxiliary courthouse
Malden (City) [town, 1649; inc. as a city, 1881]
Marlborough (City) [town, 1660; inc. as a city, 1890]
Maynard (Town) [1871]
Medford (City) [town, 1630; inc. as a city, 1892]
Melrose (City) [town, 1850; inc. as a city, 1899]
Natick (Town) [1781: unorganized 'plantation', 1679-1762; unorganized 'district', 1762-1781]
Newton (City) [town, 1691; inc. as a city, 1873]
North Reading (Town) [1853]
Pepperell (Town) [1775: unorganized 'district', 1753-1775]
Reading (Town) [1644]
Sherborn (Town) [1674: spelled "Sherborne" or "Sherburne", 1674-1852]
Shirley (Town) [1775: unorganized 'district', 1753-1775]
Somerville (City) [town, 1842; inc. as a city, 1871]
Stoneham (Town) [1725]
Stow (Town) [1683: previously, unorganized 'plantation' called "Pompositticut"]
Sudbury (Town) [1639: previously, unorganized 'plantation' called "By Concord"]
Tewksbury (Town) [1734]
Townsend (Town) [1732: previously, north part of unorganized 'plantation' called "Turkey Hill"]
Tyngsborough (Town) [1809: unorganized 'district', 1789-1809]
Wakefield (Town) [1812: was "South Reading", 1812-1868]
Waltham (City) [town, 1738: inc. as a city, 1884]
Watertown (Town) [1630]
Wayland (Town) [1780: was "East Sudbury", 1780-1835]
Westford (Town) [1729]
Weston (Town) [1712]
Wilmington (Town) [1730]
Winchester (Town) [1850]
Woburn (City) [town, 1642; inc. as a city, 1888]
[additional historical notes: towns of "Brighton" and "Charlestown"- later annexed to Boston- were part of Middlesex County (see Suffolk County below)]
Nantucket County
NANTUCKET (Town) [1687: orig. claimed by NY; to MASS., 1692: was "Sherburn", 1687-1795]- county courthouse
Norfolk County
Avon (Town) [1888]
Bellingham (Town) [1719]
Braintree (Town) [1640]
Brookline (Town) [1705]
Canton (Town) [1797]
Cohasset (Town) [1775: unorganized 'district', 1770-1775]
DEDHAM (Town) [1636]- county courthouse
Dover (Town) [1836: unorganized 'district', 1784-1836]
Foxborough (Town) [1778]
Franklin (Town) [1778]
Holbrook (Town) [1872]
Medfield (Town) [1650]
Medway (Town) [1713]
Millis (Town) [1885]
Milton (Town) [1662]
Needham (Town) [1711]
Norfolk (Town) [1870]
Norwood (Town) [1872]
Plainville (Town) [1905]
Quincy (City) [town, 1792; inc. as a city, 1888]
Randolph (Town) [1793]
Sharon (Town) [1775: unorganized 'district', 1765-1775; was "Stoughtonham", 1765-1783]
Stoughton (Town) [1726]
Walpole (Town) [1724]
Wellesley (Town) [1881]
Westwood (Town) [1897]
Weymouth (City) [town, 1635: previously, unorganized 'plantation' of "Wessaguscus" or "Wessagusset"; inc. as a city, 2000]
Wrentham (Town) [1673]
[additional historical notes: towns of "Dorchester", "Hyde Park", "Roxbury" and "West Roxbury"- all later annexed to Boston- were part of Norfolk County (see Suffolk County below)]
Plymouth County
Abington (Town) [1712]
Bridgewater (Town) [1656]
[BROCKTON] (City) [town, 1821: was "North Bridgewater", 1821-1874; inc. as a city, 1881]- auxiliary courthouse
Carver (Town) [1790]
Duxbury (Town) [1637]
East Bridgewater (Town) [1823]
Halifax (Town) [1734]
Hanover (Town) [1727]
Hanson (Town) [1820]
Hingham (Town) [1635: previously, unorganized 'plantation' called "Barecove"]
Hull (Town) [1647: unorganized 'plantation' called "Nantascot(=modern 'Nantasket')", 1644-1647]
Kingston (Town) [1726]
Lakeville (Town) [1853]
Marion (Town) [1852]
Marshfield (Town) [1641: was "Rexhame", 1641-1642; previously, unorganized 'plantation' called "Green's Harbour"]
Mattapoisett (Town) [1857]
Middleborough (Town) [1669: previously, unorganized 'plantation' called "Namassakett"]
Norwell (Town) [1849: was "South Scituate", 1849-1888]
Pembroke (Town) [1712]
PLYMOUTH (Town) [1621]- county courthouse
Plympton (Town) [1707]
Rochester (Town) [1686: previously, unorganized 'plantation' called "Sippican"]
Rockland (Town) [1874]
Scituate (Town) [1633]
Wareham (Town) [1739]
West Bridgewater (Town) [1822]
Whitman (Town) [1875: was "South Abington", 1875-1886]
Suffolk County
BOSTON (City) [town, 1630: previously, unorganized 'plantation' called "the Tri-Mountain"; inc. as a city, 1822]- state capital/county courthouse
Chelsea (City) [town, 1739; inc. as a city, 1857]
Revere (City) [town, 1846: was "North Chelsea", 1846- 1871; inc. as a city, 1914]
Winthrop (Town) [1852]
[additional historical notes: BOSTON has annexed many surrounding towns and cities since its incorporation as a city in 1822-- a chronological listing follows:
annexed, 1868- "Roxbury [Norfolk County]" (town, 1630; inc. as a city, 1846)
annexed, 1870- "Dorchester [Norfolk County]" (town, 1630: previously, unorganized 'plantation' called "Mattapan")
annexed, 1874- "Brighton [Middlesex County]" (town, 1807)
annexed, 1874-"Charlestown [Middlesex County]" (town, 1630; inc. as a city, 1847)
annexed, 1874- "West Roxbury [Norfolk County]" (town, 1851)
annexed, 1912- "Hyde Park [Norfolk County]" (town, 1868)]
Worcester County
Ashburnham (Town) [1765: previously, unorganized 'plantation' of "Dorchester Canada"]
Athol (Town) [1762: previously, unorganized 'plantation' of "Payquage"]
Auburn (Town) [1778: was "Ward", 1778-1837]
Barre (Town) [1774: was "Hutchinson", 1774-1776]
Berlin (Town) [1812: unorganized 'district', 1784-1812]
Blackstone (Town) [1845]
Bolton (Town) [1738]
Boylston (Town) [1786]
Brookfield (Town) [1718: unorganized 'plantation' of "Quobauge", 1673-1718]
Charlton (Town) [1775: unorganized 'district', 1754-1775]
Clinton (Town) [1850]
Douglas (Town) [1775: unorganized 'district', 1746-1775; originally called "New Sherburn"]
Dudley (Town) [1732]
East Brookfield (Town) [1920]
[FITCHBURG] (City) [town, 1764; inc. as a city, 1872]- auxiliary courthouse
Gardner (City) [town, 1785; inc. as a city, 1923]
Grafton (Town) [1735: previously, unorganized 'plantation' called "Hassanamisco"]
Hardwick (Town) [1739: previously, unorganized 'plantation' called "Lambstown"]
Harvard (Town) [1732]
Holden (Town) [1741]
Hopedale (Town) [1886]
Hubbardston (Town) [1775: unorganized 'district', 1767-1775]
Lancaster (Town) [1653: previously, unorganized 'plantation' called "Nashaway(= modern 'Nashua')"]
Leicester (Town) [1713: previously, unorganized 'plantation' called "Towtaid"]
Leominster (City) [town, 1740: inc. as a city, 1915]
Lunenburg (Town) [1728: previously, the south part of an unorganized 'plantation' called "Turkey Hill"]
Mendon (Town) [1667: previously, unorganized 'plantation' of "Qunshapage"]
Milford (Town) [1780]
Millbury (Town) [1813]
Millville (Town) [1916]
New Braintree (Town) [1775: unorganized 'district', 1751-1775]
Northborough (Town) [1775: unorganized 'district', 1766-1775]
Northbridge (Town) [1775: unorganized 'district', 1772-1775]
North Brookfield (Town) [1812]
Oakham (Town) [1775: unorganized 'district', 1762-1775]
Oxford (Town) [1693]
Paxton (Town) [1775: unorganized 'district', 1765-1775]
Petersham (Town) [1754: previously, unorganized 'plantation' of "Nichewoag"]
Phillipston (Town) [1786: was "Gerry", 1786-1814]
Princeton (Town) [1771: unorganized 'district', 1759-1771]
Royalston (Town) [1765: previously, unorganized 'plantation' called "Royalshire"]
Rutland (Town) [1722: unorganized 'district', 1713-1722; previously, unorganized 'plantation' called "Naquag"]
Shrewsbury (Town) [1720]
Southborough (Town) [1727]
Southbridge (Town) [1816]
Spencer (Town) [1775: unorganized 'district', 1753-1775]
Sterling (Town) [1781]
Sturbridge (Town) [1738: previously, unorganized 'plantation' called "New Medfield"] 
Sutton (Town) [1714]
Templeton (Town) [1762: previously, unorganized 'plantation' known as "Narragansett Number Six"]
Upton (Town) [1735]
Uxbridge (Town) [1727]
Warren (Town) [1742: was "Western", 1742-1834]
Webster (Town) [1832]
Westborough (Town) [1717]
West Boylston (Town) [1808]
West Brookfield (Town) [1848]
Westminster (Town) [1770: unorganized 'district', 1759-1770; previously, unorganized 'plantation' known as "Narragansett Number Two"]
Winchendon (Town) [1764: previously, unorganized 'plantation' called "Ipswich Canada"]
WORCESTER (City) [town, 1684: previously, unorganized 'plantation' called "Quansigamond"; inc. as a city, 1848]- county courthouse
[additional historical note: town of "Dana" est. 1801; disincorporated, 1938, as a result of the creation of Quabbin Reservoir]


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