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Libertarian Party Presidential Ticket
President: Harry Browne, Vice President: Art Olivier

Sunday, July 2 and Monday, July 3, 2000

Anaheim, California - The Libertarian Party's National Nominating Convention has nominated Harry Browne (of Tennessee) for President and Art Olivier (of California) for Vice President.

On Sunday, July 2, Browne was nominated on the first ballot. On Monday, Olivier received the Vice Presidential nomination on the second ballot. (The first ballot for Vice President was on Saturday. Art Olivier and Steve Kubby were the two highest vote getters however neither candidate had a majority).

Libertarian Party nominee Harry Browne received 485,798 votes (0.50% of the total) in the 1996 Presidential Election.

Convention Floor Vote

CandidateResident ofVote
Harry BrowneTennessee493
Don GormanNew Hampshire166
Jacob HornbergerVirginia120
Barry HessArizona53
None Of The Above 23
other write-ins 15
David HollistCalifornia8
Total 878


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