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Changes Considered for the 2004 Presidential Primary Season
Friday, March 17, 2000

The Democratic and Republican parties are considering changes for the 2004 Presidential Primary Season. These changes would give more voters a chance to participate in the selection of their party's nominee. The nominations for both parties were captured in about the first 6 weeks of the 5 month process.

Suggested alternatives to the current system:

  1. A one-day national primary closer to the time of the national conventions.
  2. Four Regional primaries with elections on the first Tuesday of March, April, May and June. Every four years, a different region would vote first.
  3. Time-zone primaries - similar to the regional primaries except that the states are grouped by time zone.
  4. Inverted Pyramid Plan with the smallest states voting first and the largest states last.

In addition, changes to the traditional first-in-the-nation positions of Iowa and New Hampshire are being reconsidered.

Recommendations should be announced by the Democrats on April 29, 2000 and by the Republicans shortly after May 11, 2000.

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