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Louisiana cancels January 15 Caucuses -- adds March 14 Primary
December 15, 1999

Louisiana GOP's Executive Committee voted today to hold a Presidential Preference Primary on "Super Tuesday", March 14, 2000. This action cancels the much debated January 15 Caucuses.

Delegate Allocation Procedure

Delegates are allocated on a proportional basis based on statewide election results. Candidates must receive at least 10% of the statewide vote to qualify for delegates. "Fractional" delegate counts will be rounded down to the nearest whole number. Any remaining delegate positions (due to the 10% threshold and rounding) are awarded to the highest vote getter. The RNC has allocated 29 delegates to Louisiana.

For those who are interested ... below is the obsolete Louisiana delegate selection process that was in place before the 15 December meeting. There is also a Green Papers Commentary written 20 November this very subject. Enjoy...

Saturday 15 January 2000: Republican Party Caucuses meet at no fewer than one site in each parish. Each Parish Caucus chooses delegates to the Congressional District Convention and the State Republican Convention.

  • "Parish Caucuses are held at several sites throughout the state: a minimum of 8 in each of the state's 7 congressional districts, with the further proviso that each parish have at least one caucus site: the more populous parishes will have more than one site, with the two most populous parishes (Baton Rouge and New Orleans) having as many as 7. All told there will be approximately 100 Parish Caucuses held around the state. During these Parish Caucuses, the attendees will vote- using regular voting machines- for delegates to the District Convention for the congressional district the parish is a part of."

Tuesday 14 March 2000: 7 at-large delegates from Louisiana to the Republican National Convention are allocated to a presidential contender in today's Louisiana Presidential Primary.

  • "These 7 National Convention delegates are to be allocated to the presidential contender receiving the greatest number of votes in the primary statewide, notwithstanding that candidate's percentage of the total primary vote statewide. This winning candidate will be said to have received the 'final net primary vote'".

No later than Saturday 8 April 2000 (actual date currently unknown, but it must be on a Saturday): Republican Party District Conventions convene in each congressional district. Each District Convention chooses the congressional district's delegates to the Republican National Convention.

  • "Each of Louisiana's 7 congressional districts are assigned 3 National Convention delegates. Thus, a total of 21 district delegates will be chosen by the Congressional District Conventions. The 3 district delegates chosen by each Congressional District Convention are not required to be formally pledged to any presidential contender, but may- if the chosen delegate so wishes- be pledged to a presidential contender: presumably, such pledge will be to a presidential contender who has the support of the District Convention which chose said National Convention delegate"

No later than 90 days after the District Conventions (actual date currently unknown, but it must be on a Saturday and, by definition, can be no later than Saturday 8 July 2000): The Louisiana State Republican Presidential Convention convenes. The State Presidential Convention chooses the remaining 7 at-large of Louisiana's delegates to the Republican National Convention. These 7 at-large delegates to the National Convention consist of the 6 base at-large delegates given to Louisiana along with all the other states along with 1 bonus delegate. The rules of the Louisiana Republican Party state that these at-large delegates must be pledged to the presidential contender who has already won the WINNER-TAKE-ALL Louisiana Presidential Primary on 14 March."


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