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Donald Trump to file for the California Presidential Primary
Tuesday, October 19, 1999

Earlier this month Donald Trump announced that he was establishing a presidential exploratory committee. Trump said he will decide in January whether to attempt a run for President on the Reform Party ticket. The Reform Party is on the ballot in 21 states and received 8.40% of the Presidential popular vote in 1996.

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California State Law:

  • On or before November 8, 1999 the Secretary of State must publicly announce the list of candidates he intends to place on the presidential primary ballot. 6340, 6520, 6722

  • Following this announcement, the Secretary of State may add presidential candidates to the selection but may not delete any candidate unless the candidate withdraws in accordance with the provisions of Elections Code 6342, 6522 and 6724. The last day to withdraw is January 3, 2000.

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