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DNC tells Arizona, South Carolina, Washington "No Primaries before March 7"
Sunday, October 3, 1999

South Carolina attempted to have its Democratic primary held at the same time as the GOP's regular state-run primary (19 Feb.) but was rebuffed by the national Democratic party. Arizona Democrats would like to do the same (Arizona's GOP primary is to be on 22 Feb.) - both states argue that, since their primary is ADVISORY and no delegates to any tier are chosen in their events, they should not be held to rule 10A which prohibits "delegate selection processes" from beginning before 7 March in 2000 (except for, of course, Iowa's and New Hampshire's) as their ADVISORY primaries would not be for delegate selection. So far, the national Democratic party does not agree with the state parties' positions. In addition, Washington's Democrats, as of 29 Sept 99, have been found to be "out of compliance" with the Democrats' Rule 10A requiring all caucuses and primaries (except Iowa and New Hampshire, respectively) to be held no earlier than Tuesday 7 March in 2000 because of their plans to hold a primary at the same time as the Washington state GOP (29 February 2000).

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