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Iowa tells New Hampshire "Move Primary back to February 8"
Sunday, October 3, 1999

Soon after New Hampshire announced the 1 Feb. date for the state's primary, Iowa officials were mulling over the possibility of suing New Hampshire to force that state to move its primary back to 8 Feb. so that Iowa could keep its caucuses on 31 Jan. This legal move, should it take place, is given little chance of success, however and it is still much more likely Iowa will hold its caucuses on 24 Jan. to accommodate the New Hampshire primary date. Meanwhile, Delaware GOP leaders say they had had no plans to move their primary up to 8 Feb. from 12 Feb. but that they might have mentioned this possibility to New Hampshire officials offhandedly last week. Delaware's GOP was still talking about using 15 Feb. as a date for the state to move its primary from a Saturday and join the more usual "Tuesday primary" crowd of states, but - with New Hampshire having moved up a week- it is said Delaware WILL now go with an 8 Feb. primary date. Delaware's Democrats would also like to hold their primary at around that same time in February but are under pressure from the national Democratic Party along with a threatened boycott of their primary by both Bill Bradley and Al Gore to conform to the party's rule 10A and hold their primary 7 March or later. Stay tuned.

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