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2019 Political Parties
Parties Grouped by Classification

Parties Grouped by Classification
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The Classification of Political parties listed on

  1. Major Parties (those parties which received electoral votes through winning a plurality of a state's [or the District of Columbia's] popular vote in any presidential election between 1984 and 2016)
    1. Democrats and affiliates
    2. Republicans and affiliates
  2. Third Parties
    1. Major Third Parties and affiliates (any Party, other than a Major Party [as defined in 1. above], receiving a minimum of 15/100ths of 1 percent of the nationwide popular vote in any presidential election between 1984 and 2016 and which fielded candidates in the previous presidential election [2016] are hereby defined as "Major third parties" for the purposes of "The Green Papers" website. Excluded from this are non-party Independent bids for President which received at least 0.15% of the nationwide popular vote. See Criteria for including Major Third Parties.)
    2. Other Third Parties (i.e., not a Major Third Party)
  3. Independents (covering Unaffiliated, Nonpartisan and all the other synonyms/euphemisms for Independent)
  4. Write-in/Scattered/otherwise not readily classifiable

Democratic Affiliates: Democratic-Farmer Labor; Democratic-Nonpartisan League

Party Links
The Democratic Party Democratic National Committee
Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee DCCC
Democratic Governors' Association
Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee DLCC
Democrats Abroad Austria

Incumbents, candidates, and links to state affiliates
406 Incumbents
305 Candidates
92 Links

StatePartyCandidate or LinkOffice
AlabamaDemocraticAlabama Democratic Party
DemocraticSenator Doug JonesIncumbent Senate Class 2
DemocraticSenator Doug JonesCandidate for Senate Class 2
DemocraticCongressman Terrycina Andrea "Terri" SewellIncumbent House CD 7
AlaskaDemocraticAlaska Democrats
DemocraticAlaska Senate Democratic Caucus
DemocraticAlaska's Democratic Legislators
American SamoaDemocraticAmerican Samoa Democratic Party
DemocraticDemocratic Party of American Samoa; P.O. Box 1045; Pago Pago, American Samoa 96799; 684-633-2828
(Democratic)Governor Lolo Matalasi MoligaIncumbent Governor
ArizonaDemocraticArizona Democratic Party
DemocraticCongressman Ruben GallegoIncumbent House CD 7
DemocraticJoan GreeneCandidate for House CD 5
DemocraticCongressman Raúl M. GrijalvaIncumbent House CD 3
DemocraticSecretary of State Katie HobbsIncumbent Secretary of State
DemocraticPublic Instruction Superintendent Kathy HoffmanIncumbent Superintendent of Public Instruction
DemocraticMark KellyCandidate for Senate Class 3
DemocraticCongressman Ann KirkpatrickIncumbent House CD 2
DemocraticJosue LaroseCandidate for Senate Class 3
DemocraticRobert Richard MusselwhiteCandidate for House CD 8
DemocraticCongressman Tom O'HalleranIncumbent House CD 1
DemocraticCongressman Tom O'HalleranCandidate for House CD 1
Democraticformer Flagstaff City Councilor Eva PutzovaCandidate for House CD 1
DemocraticSenator Kyrsten SinemaIncumbent Senate Class 1
DemocraticSenator Kyrsten SinemaCandidate for Senate Class 1
DemocraticCongressman Greg StantonIncumbent House CD 9
DemocraticCongressman Greg StantonCandidate for House CD 9
ArkansasDemocraticThe Democratic Party of Arkansas
CaliforniaDemocraticCalifornia Democratic Party
DemocraticCalifornia Senate Democratic Caucus
DemocraticCalifornia Senate Democratic Caucus
DemocraticCalifornia State Assembly Democratic Caucus
DemocraticCongressman Pete AguilarIncumbent House CD 31
DemocraticCongressman Pete AguilarCandidate for House CD 31
DemocraticAgatha BacelarCandidate for House CD 12
DemocraticAlexander S. "Alex" BalkinCandidate for House CD 50
DemocraticMichael James BarkleyCandidate for House CD 10
DemocraticCongressman Nanette Diaz BarragánIncumbent House CD 44
DemocraticCongressman Nanette Diaz BarragánCandidate for House CD 44
DemocraticCongressman Karen R. BassIncumbent House CD 37
DemocraticCongressman Karen R. BassCandidate for House CD 37
DemocraticAttorney General Xavier BecerraIncumbent Attorney General
DemocraticCongressman Amerish "Ami" BeraIncumbent House CD 7
DemocraticCongressman Amerish "Ami" BeraCandidate for House CD 7
DemocraticCongressman Julia BrownleyIncumbent House CD 26
DemocraticAmmar Campa-NajjarCandidate for House CD 50
DemocraticCongressman Salud O. CarbajalIncumbent House CD 24
DemocraticCongressman Tony CárdenasIncumbent House CD 29
DemocraticCongressman Tony CárdenasCandidate for House CD 29
DemocraticJay ChenCandidate for House CD 39
DemocraticCongressman Judy ChuIncumbent House CD 27
DemocraticJason CienkusCandidate for House CD 1
DemocraticCongressman Gilbert "Gil" CisnerosIncumbent House CD 39
DemocraticCongressman Gilbert "Gil" CisnerosCandidate for House CD 39
DemocraticCongressman Jose Luis "Lou" CorreaIncumbent House CD 46
DemocraticCongressman Jim CostaIncumbent House CD 16
DemocraticCongressman Jim CostaCandidate for House CD 16
DemocraticCongressman Terrance John "TJ" CoxIncumbent House CD 21
DemocraticCongressman Terrance John "TJ" CoxCandidate for House CD 21
DemocraticCongressman Susan A. DavisIncumbent House CD 53
DemocraticAudrey L. DenneyCandidate for House CD 1
DemocraticCongressman Mark DeSaulnierIncumbent House CD 11
DemocraticCongressman Mark DeSaulnierCandidate for House CD 11
DemocraticCongressman Anna G. EshooIncumbent House CD 18
DemocraticCongressman Anna G. EshooCandidate for House CD 18
DemocraticSenator Dianne FeinsteinIncumbent Senate Class 1
DemocraticSenator Dianne FeinsteinCandidate for Senate Class 1
DemocraticBrian FordeCandidate for House CD 45
DemocraticCongressman John Raymond GaramendiIncumbent House CD 3
DemocraticCongressman John Raymond GaramendiCandidate for House CD 3
DemocraticAeiramique Meeka GlassCandidate for House CD 51
DemocraticCongressman Jimmy GomezIncumbent House CD 34
DemocraticCongressman Jimmy GomezCandidate for House CD 34
DemocraticCongressman Josh HarderIncumbent House CD 10
DemocraticCongressman Josh HarderCandidate for House CD 10
DemocraticSenator Kamala D. HarrisIncumbent Senate Class 3
DemocraticCongressman Katherine Lauren "Katie" HillIncumbent House CD 25
DemocraticCongressman Jared W. HuffmanIncumbent House CD 2
DemocraticCongressman Jared W. HuffmanCandidate for House CD 2
DemocraticHans KeirsteadCandidate for House CD 48
DemocraticAngela KennedyCandidate for House CD 24
DemocraticCongressman Rohit "Ro" KhannaIncumbent House CD 17
DemocraticCongressman Rohit "Ro" KhannaCandidate for House CD 17
DemocraticLieutenant Governor Eleni KounalakisIncumbent Lieutenant Governor
DemocraticRishi KumarCandidate for House CD 18
DemocraticInsurance Commissioner Ricardo LaraIncumbent Insurance Commissioner
DemocraticCongressman Barbara LeeIncumbent House CD 13
DemocraticCongressman Barbara LeeCandidate for House CD 13
DemocraticCongressman Mike LevinIncumbent House CD 49
DemocraticCongressman Mike LevinCandidate for House CD 49
DemocraticCongressman Ted W. LieuIncumbent House CD 33
DemocraticCongressman Ted W. LieuCandidate for House CD 33
DemocraticCongressman Zoe LofgrenIncumbent House CD 19
DemocraticCongressman Alan S. LowenthalIncumbent House CD 47
Democraticformer Monrovia Mayor Mary Ann LutzCandidate for House CD 32
DemocraticTreasurer Fiona MaIncumbent Treasurer
DemocraticCongressman Doris K. MatsuiIncumbent House CD 6
DemocraticCongressman Doris K. MatsuiCandidate for House CD 6
DemocraticCongressman Gerald Mark "Jerry" McNerneyIncumbent House CD 9
DemocraticCongressman Gerald Mark "Jerry" McNerneyCandidate for House CD 9
DemocraticCongressman Grace Flores NapolitanoIncumbent House CD 32
DemocraticCongressman Grace Flores NapolitanoCandidate for House CD 32
DemocraticGovernor Gavin NewsomIncumbent Governor
DemocraticSecretary of State Alex PadillaIncumbent Secretary of State
DemocraticCongressman James Varni "Jimmy" PanettaIncumbent House CD 20
DemocraticCongressman James Varni "Jimmy" PanettaCandidate for House CD 20
DemocraticJulia Claire PeacockCandidate for House CD 42
DemocraticCongressman Nancy PelosiIncumbent House CD 12
DemocraticCongressman Nancy PelosiCandidate for House CD 12
DemocraticCongressman Scott PetersIncumbent House CD 52
DemocraticCongressman Scott PetersCandidate for House CD 52
DemocraticCongressman Katherine "Katie" PorterIncumbent House CD 45
DemocraticCongressman Katherine "Katie" PorterCandidate for House CD 45
DemocraticEl Monte Mayor Andre QuinteroCandidate for House CD 32
DemocraticCongressman Harley E. Rouda, Jr.Incumbent House CD 48
DemocraticCongressman Lucille Roybal-AllardIncumbent House CD 40
DemocraticCongressman Lucille Roybal-AllardCandidate for House CD 40
DemocraticCongressman Raul RuizIncumbent House CD 36
DemocraticCongressman Raul RuizCandidate for House CD 36
DemocraticCongressman Linda T. SánchezIncumbent House CD 38
DemocraticCongressman Linda T. SánchezCandidate for House CD 38
DemocraticCongressman Adam B. SchiffIncumbent House CD 28
DemocraticCongressman Adam B. SchiffCandidate for House CD 28
DemocraticCongressman Brad ShermanIncumbent House CD 30
DemocraticCongressman Brad ShermanCandidate for House CD 30
DemocraticCongressman Jackie SpeierIncumbent House CD 14
DemocraticCongressman Jackie SpeierCandidate for House CD 14
DemocraticCongressman Eric Michael SwalwellIncumbent House CD 15
DemocraticCongressman Eric Michael SwalwellCandidate for House CD 15
DemocraticCongressman Mark A. TakanoIncumbent House CD 41
DemocraticCongressman Mark A. TakanoCandidate for House CD 41
DemocraticCongressman C. Michael "Mike" ThompsonIncumbent House CD 5
DemocraticCongressman C. Michael "Mike" ThompsonCandidate for House CD 5
DemocraticPublic Instruction Superintendent Tony K. ThurmondIncumbent Superintendent of Public Instruction
DemocraticCongressman Norma J. TorresIncumbent House CD 35
DemocraticCongressman Norma J. TorresCandidate for House CD 35
DemocraticCongressman Juan C. VargasIncumbent House CD 51
DemocraticCongressman Juan C. VargasCandidate for House CD 51
DemocraticCongressman Maxine WatersIncumbent House CD 43
DemocraticCongressman Maxine WatersCandidate for House CD 43
DemocraticController Betty T. YeeIncumbent Controller
ColoradoDemocraticColorado Democratic Party
DemocraticDemocratic Caucus
DemocraticSenator Michael F. BennetIncumbent Senate Class 3
DemocraticDerrick James BlantonCandidate for Senate Class 2
DemocraticCongressman Jason CrowIncumbent House CD 6
DemocraticCongressman Jason CrowCandidate for House CD 6
DemocraticCongressman Diana L. DeGetteIncumbent House CD 1
DemocraticMonica FoguthCandidate for House CD 3
DemocraticSecretary of State Jena GriswoldIncumbent Secretary of State
Democraticformer state Senator Michael C. "Mike" JohnstonCandidate for Senate Class 2
DemocraticCongressman Joseph "Joe" NeguseIncumbent House CD 2
DemocraticCongressman Edwin G. "Ed" PerlmutterIncumbent House CD 7
DemocraticCongressman Edwin G. "Ed" PerlmutterCandidate for House CD 7
DemocraticGovernor Jared PolisIncumbent Governor
DemocraticLieutenant Governor Dianne PrimaveraIncumbent Lieutenant Governor
Democraticformer state Representative Andrew RomanoffCandidate for Senate Class 2
DemocraticAttorney General Philip "Phil" WeiserIncumbent Attorney General
DemocraticTreasurer David "Dave" YoungIncumbent Treasurer
DemocraticPatricia Anne "Trish" ZornioCandidate for Senate Class 2
ConnecticutDemocraticConnecticut Democratic Party
DemocraticConnecticut House Democrats
DemocraticConnecticut Senate Democrats
DemocraticConnecticut State Senate Democrats
DemocraticSenator Richard BlumenthalIncumbent Senate Class 3
DemocraticLieutenant Governor Susan BysiewiczIncumbent Lieutenant Governor
DemocraticCongressman Joseph D. "Joe" CourtneyIncumbent House CD 2
DemocraticCongressman Joseph D. "Joe" CourtneyCandidate for House CD 2
DemocraticCongressman Rosa L. DeLauroIncumbent House CD 3
DemocraticCongressman Rosa L. DeLauroCandidate for House CD 3
DemocraticCongressman Jahana HayesIncumbent House CD 5
DemocraticCongressman Jahana HayesCandidate for House CD 5
DemocraticCongressman Jim HimesIncumbent House CD 4
DemocraticGovernor Edward "Ned" LamontIncumbent Governor
DemocraticCongressman John B. LarsonIncumbent House CD 1
DemocraticComptroller Kevin P. LemboIncumbent Comptroller
DemocraticSecretary of State Denise W. MerrillIncumbent Secretary of State
DemocraticSenator Christopher Scott "Chris" MurphyIncumbent Senate Class 1
DemocraticSenator Christopher Scott "Chris" MurphyCandidate for Senate Class 1
DemocraticAttorney General William TongIncumbent Attorney General
DemocraticTreasurer Shawn T. WoodenIncumbent Treasurer
DelawareDemocraticDelaware Democratic Party
DemocraticGovernor John Charles Carney, Jr.Incumbent Governor
DemocraticSenator Thomas R. "Tom" CarperIncumbent Senate Class 1
DemocraticSenator Thomas R. "Tom" CarperCandidate for Senate Class 1
DemocraticSenator Christopher A. "Chris" CoonsIncumbent Senate Class 2
DemocraticTreasurer Colleen C. DavisIncumbent Treasurer
DemocraticLieutenant Governor Bethany Hall-LongIncumbent Lieutenant Governor
DemocraticAttorney General Kathleen "Kathy" JenningsIncumbent Attorney General
DemocraticAuditor Kathleen K. "Kathy" McGuinessIncumbent Auditor
DemocraticInsurance Commissioner Trinidad NavarroIncumbent Commissioner of Insurance
DemocraticCongressman Lisa Blunt RochesterIncumbent House At-Large
Democrats AbroadDemocraticDemocrats Abroad
DemocraticDemocrats Abroad - Facebook
DemocraticDemocrats Abroad Netherlands
District of ColumbiaDemocraticD.C. Democratic Party
DemocraticMayor Muriel E. BowserIncumbent Mayor
DemocraticTerritorial Delegate Eleanor Holmes NortonIncumbent Delegate to the House of Representatives
DemocraticTerritorial Delegate Eleanor Holmes NortonCandidate for Delegate to the House of Representatives
FloridaDemocraticFlorida Democratic Party
DemocraticCongressman Katherine Anne "Kathy" CastorIncumbent House CD 14
DemocraticDana CottrellCandidate for House CD 11
DemocraticCongressman Charlie Joseph CristIncumbent House CD 13
DemocraticCongressman Charlie Joseph CristCandidate for House CD 13
DemocraticCongressman Valdez "Val" DemingsIncumbent House CD 10
DemocraticCongressman Valdez "Val" DemingsCandidate for House CD 10
DemocraticCongressman Theodore Eliot "Ted" DeutchIncumbent House CD 22
DemocraticCongressman Theodore Eliot "Ted" DeutchCandidate for House CD 22
DemocraticCongressman Lois J. FrankelIncumbent House CD 21
DemocraticCongressman Lois J. FrankelCandidate for House CD 21
DemocraticCommissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services Nicole "Nikki" Heather FriedIncumbent Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services
DemocraticAlan Mark GraysonCandidate for House CD 9
DemocraticDena GraysonCandidate for House CD 8
DemocraticCongressman Alcee L. HastingsIncumbent House CD 20
DemocraticCongressman Alfred "Al" Lawson, Jr.Incumbent House CD 5
DemocraticCongressman Alfred "Al" Lawson, Jr.Candidate for House CD 5
DemocraticAndrew LearnedCandidate for House CD 15
DemocraticEmmanuel G. MorelCandidate for House CD 20
DemocraticCongressman Debbie Mucarsel-PowellIncumbent House CD 26
DemocraticCongressman Debbie Mucarsel-PowellCandidate for House CD 26
DemocraticCongressman Stephanie MurphyIncumbent House CD 7
DemocraticChristine Alexandria OlivoCandidate for House CD 23
DemocraticBrandon S. PetersCandidate for House CD 3
DemocraticCongressman Donna Elvira ShalalaIncumbent House CD 27
DemocraticCongressman Donna Elvira ShalalaCandidate for House CD 27
DemocraticCongressman Darren SotoIncumbent House CD 9
DemocraticCongressman Darren SotoCandidate for House CD 9
DemocraticJames Eugene TaylorCandidate for House CD 20
DemocraticAlix Christopher Toulme, Jr.Candidate for House CD 14
DemocraticCongressman Debbie Wasserman SchultzIncumbent House CD 23
DemocraticCongressman Frederica S. WilsonIncumbent House CD 24
GeorgiaDemocraticDemocratic Party of Georgia
DemocraticGeorgia House Democratic Caucus
DemocraticGeorgia Senate Democratic Caucus
DemocraticCongressman Sanford Dixon Bishop, Jr.Incumbent House CD 2
DemocraticCarolyn BourdeauxCandidate for House CD 7
DemocraticMarqus A. ColeCandidate for House CD 7
DemocraticAmber L. HunterCandidate for House CD 13
DemocraticCongressman Henry C. "Hank" Johnson, Jr.Incumbent House CD 4
DemocraticCongressman Henry C. "Hank" Johnson, Jr.Candidate for House CD 4
DemocraticDavid KimCandidate for House CD 7
DemocraticCongressman John R. LewisIncumbent House CD 5
DemocraticCongressman John R. LewisCandidate for House CD 5
DemocraticCongressman Lucia Kay "Lucy" McBathIncumbent House CD 6
DemocraticLisa M. RingCandidate for House CD 1
DemocraticCongressman David Albert ScottIncumbent House CD 13
DemocraticAdam WynnCandidate for House CD 11
GuamDemocraticDemocratic Party of Guam
DemocraticGuam Democratic Party; P.O. Box 168; Hagatna, Guam 96932; 671-727-9009
DemocraticGovernor Lourdes A. "Lou" Leon GuerreroIncumbent Governor
DemocraticTerritorial Delegate Michael F.Q. "Mike" San NicolasIncumbent Delegate to the House of Representatives
HawaiiDemocraticHawai'i Democratic Party
DemocraticCongressman Edward E. "Ed" CaseIncumbent House CD 1
DemocraticCongressman Tulsi GabbardIncumbent House CD 2
DemocraticCongressman Tulsi GabbardCandidate for House CD 2
DemocraticLieutenant Governor Joshua B. "Josh" GreenIncumbent Lieutenant Governor
DemocraticSenator Mazie K. HironoIncumbent Senate Class 1
DemocraticSenator Mazie K. HironoCandidate for Senate Class 1
DemocraticGovernor David Yutaka IgeIncumbent Governor
Democraticstate Senator Kaiali'i "Kai" KaheleCandidate for House CD 2
DemocraticSenator Brian Emanuel SchatzIncumbent Senate Class 3
IdahoDemocraticIdaho Democratic Party
IllinoisDemocraticDemocratic Party of Illinois
DemocraticCongressman Cheri BustosIncumbent House CD 17
DemocraticCongressman Cheri BustosCandidate for House CD 17
DemocraticCongressman Sean CastenIncumbent House CD 6
DemocraticCongressman Sean CastenCandidate for House CD 6
DemocraticAnthony ClarkCandidate for House CD 7
DemocraticCongressman Danny K. DavisIncumbent House CD 7
DemocraticSenator L. Tammy DuckworthIncumbent Senate Class 3
DemocraticSenator Richard J. "Dick" DurbinIncumbent Senate Class 2
DemocraticCongressman G. William "Bill" FosterIncumbent House CD 11
DemocraticCongressman G. William "Bill" FosterCandidate for House CD 11
DemocraticTreasurer Michael W. "Mike" FrerichsIncumbent Treasurer
DemocraticCongressman Jesus G. "Chuy" GarciaIncumbent House CD 4
DemocraticCongressman Jesus G. "Chuy" GarciaCandidate for House CD 4
DemocraticCongressman Robin L. KellyIncumbent House CD 2
DemocraticCongressman S. Raja KrishnamoorthiIncumbent House CD 8
DemocraticCongressman Daniel William "Dan" LipinskiIncumbent House CD 3
DemocraticComptroller Susana A. MendozaIncumbent Comptroller
DemocraticMarie NewmanCandidate for House CD 3
DemocraticGovernor J.B. PritzkerIncumbent Governor
DemocraticCongressman Mike QuigleyIncumbent House CD 5
DemocraticCongressman Mike QuigleyCandidate for House CD 5
DemocraticAttorney General Kwame RaoulIncumbent Attorney General
DemocraticCongressman Bobby Lee RushIncumbent House CD 1
DemocraticCongressman Janice D. "Jan" SchakowskyIncumbent House CD 9
DemocraticCongressman Janice D. "Jan" SchakowskyCandidate for House CD 9
DemocraticCongressman Bradley Scott "Brad" SchneiderIncumbent House CD 10
DemocraticCongressman Bradley Scott "Brad" SchneiderCandidate for House CD 10
Democraticstate Representative Anne Michele Stava-MurrayCandidate for Senate Class 2
DemocraticLieutenant Governor Juliana StrattonIncumbent Lieutenant Governor
DemocraticCongressman Lauren A. UnderwoodIncumbent House CD 14
DemocraticCongressman Lauren A. UnderwoodCandidate for House CD 14
DemocraticSecretary of State Jesse WhiteIncumbent Secretary of State
IndianaDemocraticIndiana Democratic Party
DemocraticIndiana House Democrats
DemocraticIndiana Senate Democratic Caucus
DemocraticCongressman André D. CarsonIncumbent House CD 7
DemocraticCongressman André D. CarsonCandidate for House CD 7
DemocraticCongressman Peter J. ViscloskyIncumbent House CD 1
IowaDemocraticIowa Democratic Party
DemocraticIowa House Democrats
DemocraticIowa Senate Democrats
DemocraticCongressman Cindy AxneIncumbent House CD 3
DemocraticCongressman Cindy AxneCandidate for House CD 3
DemocraticCongressman Abby FinkenauerIncumbent House CD 1
DemocraticCongressman Abby FinkenauerCandidate for House CD 1
DemocraticTreasurer Michael L. "Mike" FitzgeraldIncumbent Treasurer
DemocraticCongressman David Wayne "Dave" LoebsackIncumbent House CD 2
DemocraticCongressman David Wayne "Dave" LoebsackCandidate for House CD 2
DemocraticAttorney General Tom MillerIncumbent Attorney General
DemocraticAuditor Rob SandIncumbent Auditor
KansasDemocraticKansas Democratic Party
DemocraticCongressman Sharice DavidsIncumbent House CD 3
DemocraticGovernor Laura KellyIncumbent Governor
DemocraticLieutenant Governor Lynn RogersIncumbent Lieutenant Governor
KentuckyDemocraticstate Representative Rocky AdkinsCandidate for Governor
DemocraticJason S. BelcherCandidate for Secretary of State
DemocraticAttorney General Andy BeshearIncumbent Attorney General
DemocraticMichael BowmanCandidate for Treasurer
Democraticformer Scott County School Boardmember Robert Haley ConwayCandidate for Commissioner of Agriculture
DemocraticKelsey Hayes CootsCandidate for Auditor of Public Accounts
DemocraticDrew CurtisCandidate for Auditor of Public Accounts
DemocraticSheri DonahueCandidate for Auditor of Public Accounts
Democraticformer state Auditor Adam EdelenCandidate for Governor
DemocraticJason GriffithCandidate for Secretary of State
DemocraticSecretary of State Alison Lundergan GrimesIncumbent Secretary of State
DemocraticDeputy State Veterans Affairs Commissioner Heather French HenryCandidate for Secretary of State
DemocraticJosh MersCandidate for Treasurer
DemocraticGeoff SebestaCandidate for Secretary of State
DemocraticGregory D. StumboCandidate for Attorney General
DemocraticChris TobeCandidate for Auditor of Public Accounts
DemocraticJoe TriggCandidate for Commissioner of Agriculture
DemocraticCongressman John A. YarmuthIncumbent House CD 3
DemocraticGeoffrey M. "Geoff" YoungCandidate for Governor
LouisianaDemocraticLouisiana Democratic Party
DemocraticGwen Collins-GreenupCandidate for Secretary of State
DemocraticGovernor John Bel EdwardsIncumbent Governor
DemocraticCongressman Cedric L. RichmondIncumbent House CD 2
MaineDemocraticMaine Democratic Party
DemocraticMaine Senate Democrats
DemocraticCongressman Jared F. GoldenIncumbent House CD 2
DemocraticCongressman Jared F. GoldenCandidate for House CD 2
DemocraticGovernor Janet T. MillsIncumbent Governor
DemocraticCongressman Chellie M. PingreeIncumbent House CD 1
DemocraticCongressman Chellie M. PingreeCandidate for House CD 1
MarylandDemocraticMaryland Democratic Party
DemocraticCongressman Anthony Gregory BrownIncumbent House CD 4
DemocraticCongressman Anthony Gregory BrownCandidate for House CD 4
DemocraticSenator Benjamin L. "Ben" CardinIncumbent Senate Class 1
DemocraticSenator Benjamin L. "Ben" CardinCandidate for Senate Class 1
DemocraticCongressman Elijah E. CummingsIncumbent House CD 7
DemocraticComptroller Peter FranchotIncumbent Comptroller
DemocraticAttorney General Brian E. FroshIncumbent Attorney General
DemocraticCongressman Steny Hamilton HoyerIncumbent House CD 5
DemocraticCongressman Steny Hamilton HoyerCandidate for House CD 5
DemocraticCongressman Jamin B. "Jamie" RaskinIncumbent House CD 8
DemocraticCongressman Charles Albert Dutch "C.A. Dutch" Ruppersberger, IIIIncumbent House CD 2
DemocraticCongressman John Peter Spyros SarbanesIncumbent House CD 3
DemocraticCongressman David TroneIncumbent House CD 6
DemocraticCongressman David TroneCandidate for House CD 6
DemocraticSenator Christopher "Chris" Van Hollen, Jr.Incumbent Senate Class 3
DemocraticMckayla WilkesCandidate for House CD 5
MassachusettsDemocraticMassachusetts Democratic Party
DemocraticAuditor Suzanne M. BumpIncumbent Auditor
DemocraticCongressman Katherine M. ClarkIncumbent House CD 5
DemocraticCongressman Katherine M. ClarkCandidate for House CD 5
DemocraticMohammad DarCandidate for House CD 8
DemocraticSecretary of the Commonwealth William Francis "Bill" GalvinIncumbent Secretary of the Commonwealth
DemocraticTreasurer and Receiver-General Deborah B. "Deb" GoldbergIncumbent Treasurer and Receiver-General
DemocraticAttorney General Maura HealeyIncumbent Attorney General
DemocraticCongressman William Richard "Bill" KeatingIncumbent House CD 9
DemocraticCongressman Joseph Patrick "Joe" Kennedy, IIIIncumbent House CD 4
DemocraticCongressman Joseph Patrick "Joe" Kennedy, IIICandidate for House CD 4
DemocraticCongressman Stephen F. LynchIncumbent House CD 8
DemocraticCongressman Stephen F. LynchCandidate for House CD 8
DemocraticSenator Edward John "Ed" MarkeyIncumbent Senate Class 2
DemocraticCongressman James P. "Jim" McGovernIncumbent House CD 2
DemocraticCongressman James P. "Jim" McGovernCandidate for House CD 2
DemocraticCongressman Seth W. MoultonIncumbent House CD 6
DemocraticCongressman Seth W. MoultonCandidate for House CD 6
DemocraticCongressman Richard E. NealIncumbent House CD 1
DemocraticCongressman Richard E. NealCandidate for House CD 1
DemocraticCongressman Ayanna S. PressleyIncumbent House CD 7
DemocraticCongressman Ayanna S. PressleyCandidate for House CD 7
DemocraticCongressman Lori Loureiro TrahanIncumbent House CD 3
DemocraticCongressman Lori Loureiro TrahanCandidate for House CD 3
DemocraticSenator Elizabeth A. WarrenIncumbent Senate Class 1
DemocraticSenator Elizabeth A. WarrenCandidate for Senate Class 1
DemocraticBrianna WuCandidate for House CD 8
MichiganDemocraticMichigan House Democrats
DemocraticMichigan Senate Democratic Caucus
DemocraticThe Michigan Democratic Party
DemocraticCatherine "Cathy" AlbroCandidate for House CD 3
DemocraticSecretary of State Jocelyn BensonIncumbent Secretary of State
DemocraticCongressman Debbie DingellIncumbent House CD 12
DemocraticLieutenant Governor Garlin D. Gilchrist, IIIncumbent Lieutenant Governor
DemocraticAida Estrada GrayCandidate for House CD 6
DemocraticCongressman Daniel T. "Dan" KildeeIncumbent House CD 5
DemocraticCongressman Daniel T. "Dan" KildeeCandidate for House CD 5
DemocraticCongressman Brenda Lulenar LawrenceIncumbent House CD 14
DemocraticCongressman Andy LevinIncumbent House CD 9
DemocraticCongressman Andy LevinCandidate for House CD 9
DemocraticAttorney General Dana NesselIncumbent Attorney General
DemocraticKelly Lynn NolandCandidate for House CD 10
DemocraticSenator Gary C. PetersIncumbent Senate Class 2
DemocraticEmily E. RafiCandidate for House CD 3
DemocraticCongressman Elissa SlotkinIncumbent House CD 8
DemocraticCongressman Elissa SlotkinCandidate for House CD 8
DemocraticSenator Debbie StabenowIncumbent Senate Class 1
DemocraticSenator Debbie StabenowCandidate for Senate Class 1
DemocraticCongressman Haley StevensIncumbent House CD 11
DemocraticCongressman Haley StevensCandidate for House CD 11
DemocraticCongressman Rashida TlaibIncumbent House CD 13
DemocraticCongressman Rashida TlaibCandidate for House CD 13
DemocraticGovernor Gretchen WhitmerIncumbent Governor
MinnesotaDemocraticMinnesota Senate - DFL Caucus
DemocraticCongressman Angela Dawn "Angie" CraigIncumbent House CD 2
DemocraticCongressman Angela Dawn "Angie" CraigCandidate for House CD 2
DemocraticLieutenant Governor Peggy FlanaganIncumbent Lieutenant Governor
DemocraticSenator Amy J. KlobucharIncumbent Senate Class 1
DemocraticSenator Amy J. KlobucharCandidate for Senate Class 1
DemocraticCongressman Betty McCollumIncumbent House CD 4
DemocraticCongressman Ilhan OmarIncumbent House CD 5
DemocraticCongressman Collin Clark PetersonIncumbent House CD 7
DemocraticCongressman Dean PhillipsIncumbent House CD 3
DemocraticCongressman Dean PhillipsCandidate for House CD 3
DemocraticSenator Tina Flint SmithIncumbent Senate Class 2
DemocraticSenator Tina Flint SmithCandidate for Senate Class 2
DemocraticGovernor Timothy J. "Tim" WalzIncumbent Governor
MississippiDemocraticMississippi Democratic Party (appears to be an older website)
DemocraticThe Mississippi Democratic Party
DemocraticMichael EspyCandidate for Senate Class 2
DemocraticAttorney General Jim HoodIncumbent Attorney General
DemocraticCongressman Bennie G. ThompsonIncumbent House CD 2
DemocraticVelesha WilliamsCandidate for Governor
DemocraticAlbert WilsonCandidate for Governor
MissouriDemocraticCori BushCandidate for House CD 1
DemocraticCongressman William Lacy Clay, Jr.Incumbent House CD 1
DemocraticCongressman Emanuel Cleaver, IIIncumbent House CD 5
DemocraticAuditor Nicole GallowayIncumbent Auditor
DemocraticKaty GeppertCandidate for House CD 3
MontanaDemocraticMontana Democratic Party
DemocraticGovernor Steve BullockIncumbent Governor
DemocraticLieutenant Governor Mike CooneyIncumbent Lieutenant Governor
Democraticstate Representative Kimberly DudikCandidate for Attorney General
DemocraticSenator R. Jon "Jon" TesterIncumbent Senate Class 1
NebraskaDemocraticNebraska Democratic Party
DemocraticAnn Ferlic AshfordCandidate for House CD 2
DemocraticKara EastmanCandidate for House CD 2
NevadaDemocraticNevada Democratic Party
DemocraticController Catherine ByrneIncumbent Controller
DemocraticTreasurer Zachary Beare "Zach" ConineIncumbent Treasurer
DemocraticSenator Catherine Marie Cortez MastoIncumbent Senate Class 3
DemocraticAttorney General Aaron D. FordIncumbent Attorney General
DemocraticRichard Craig HartCandidate for House CD 3
DemocraticCongressman Steven Alexzander HorsfordIncumbent House CD 4
DemocraticCongressman Steven Alexzander HorsfordCandidate for House CD 4
DemocraticCongressman Susan Kelley "Susie" LeeIncumbent House CD 3
DemocraticCongressman Susan Kelley "Susie" LeeCandidate for House CD 3
DemocraticLieutenant Governor Kate MarshallIncumbent Lieutenant Governor
DemocraticSenator Jacklyn S. "Jacky" RosenIncumbent Senate Class 1
DemocraticSenator Jacklyn S. "Jacky" RosenCandidate for Senate Class 1
DemocraticGovernor Stephen F. "Steve" SisolakIncumbent Governor
DemocraticCongressman Alice Costandina "Dina" TitusIncumbent House CD 1
DemocraticCongressman Alice Costandina "Dina" TitusCandidate for House CD 1
New HampshireDemocraticNew Hampshire Democratic Party
DemocraticSenator Margaret Wood "Maggie" HassanIncumbent Senate Class 3
DemocraticCongressman Ann McLane "Annie" KusterIncumbent House CD 2
DemocraticCongressman Ann McLane "Annie" KusterCandidate for House CD 2
DemocraticCongressman Christopher C. "Chris" PappasIncumbent House CD 1
DemocraticSenator Jeanne ShaheenIncumbent Senate Class 2
DemocraticSenator Jeanne ShaheenCandidate for Senate Class 2
New JerseyDemocraticNew Jersey Assembly Democratic Majority
DemocraticNew Jersey Senate Democrats
DemocraticThe New Jersey Democratic State Committee
DemocraticSenator Cory A. BookerIncumbent Senate Class 2
DemocraticCongressman Joshua S. "Josh" GottheimerIncumbent House CD 5
DemocraticCongressman Joshua S. "Josh" GottheimerCandidate for House CD 5
DemocraticCongressman Andrew "Andy" KimIncumbent House CD 3
DemocraticCongressman Andrew "Andy" KimCandidate for House CD 3
DemocraticCongressman Tom MalinowskiIncumbent House CD 7
DemocraticCongressman Tom MalinowskiCandidate for House CD 7
DemocraticLisa McCormickCandidate for Senate Class 2
DemocraticSenator Robert "Bob" MenendezIncumbent Senate Class 1
DemocraticSenator Robert "Bob" MenendezCandidate for Senate Class 1
DemocraticGovernor Philip "Phil" MurphyIncumbent Governor
DemocraticCongressman Donald W. NorcrossIncumbent House CD 1
DemocraticCongressman Donald W. NorcrossCandidate for House CD 1
DemocraticLieutenant Governor Sheila Y. OliverIncumbent Lieutenant Governor
DemocraticCongressman Frank Pallone, Jr.Incumbent House CD 6
DemocraticCongressman William J. "Bill" Pascrell, Jr.Incumbent House CD 9
DemocraticCongressman Donald M. Payne, Jr.Incumbent House CD 10
DemocraticCongressman Rebecca Michelle "Mikie" SherrillIncumbent House CD 11
DemocraticCongressman Albio SiresIncumbent House CD 8
DemocraticCongressman Albio SiresCandidate for House CD 8
DemocraticCongressman Jeff Van DrewIncumbent House CD 2
DemocraticCongressman Jeff Van DrewCandidate for House CD 2
DemocraticCongressman Bonnie Watson ColemanIncumbent House CD 12
DemocraticMichael WildesCandidate for House CD 9
New MexicoDemocraticNew Mexico Democratic Party
DemocraticAttorney General Hector H. BalderasIncumbent Attorney General
DemocraticAuditor Brian S. ColónIncumbent Auditor
DemocraticTreasurer Tim EichenbergIncumbent Treasurer
DemocraticPublic Lands Commissioner Stephanie Garcia RichardIncumbent Commissioner of Public Lands
DemocraticCongressman Debra A. "Deb" HaalandIncumbent House CD 1
DemocraticCongressman Debra A. "Deb" HaalandCandidate for House CD 1
DemocraticSenator Martin Trevor HeinrichIncumbent Senate Class 1
DemocraticSenator Martin Trevor HeinrichCandidate for Senate Class 1
DemocraticCongressman Ben Ray LujánIncumbent House CD 3
DemocraticCongressman Ben Ray LujánCandidate for House CD 3
DemocraticGovernor Michelle Lujan GrishamIncumbent Governor
DemocraticLieutenant Governor Howie C. MoralesIncumbent Lieutenant Governor
DemocraticSecretary of State Maggie Toulouse OliverIncumbent Secretary of State
DemocraticCongressman Xochitl Torres SmallIncumbent House CD 2
DemocraticCongressman Xochitl Torres SmallCandidate for House CD 2
DemocraticSenator Tom UdallIncumbent Senate Class 2
New YorkDemocraticNew York Democratic Party
DemocraticKenneth Lewis Belvin, IIICandidate for House CD 16
DemocraticCongressman Anthony J. BrindisiIncumbent House CD 22
DemocraticCongressman Anthony J. BrindisiCandidate for House CD 22
DemocraticCongressman Yvette D. ClarkeIncumbent House CD 9
Democraticformer St. Lawrence County Legislator Tedra CobbCandidate for House CD 21
DemocraticGovernor Andrew M. CuomoIncumbent Governor
DemocraticCongressman Antonio DelgadoIncumbent House CD 19
DemocraticCongressman Antonio DelgadoCandidate for House CD 19
DemocraticScott DennisCandidate for House CD 5
DemocraticComptroller Thomas P. "Tom" DiNapoliIncumbent Comptroller
DemocraticCongressman Eliot Lance EngelIncumbent House CD 16
DemocraticCongressman Eliot Lance EngelCandidate for House CD 16
DemocraticCongressman Adriano EspaillatIncumbent House CD 13
DemocraticSenator Kirsten Elizabeth GillibrandIncumbent Senate Class 1
DemocraticSenator Kirsten Elizabeth GillibrandCandidate for Senate Class 1
DemocraticCongressman Brian M. HigginsIncumbent House CD 26
DemocraticCongressman Brian M. HigginsCandidate for House CD 26
DemocraticLieutenant Governor Kathleen Courtney "Kathy" HochulIncumbent Lieutenant Governor
DemocraticIsiah JamesCandidate for House CD 9
DemocraticAttorney General Letitia A. "Tish" JamesIncumbent Attorney General
DemocraticCongressman Hakeem S. JeffriesIncumbent House CD 8
DemocraticCongressman Hakeem S. JeffriesCandidate for House CD 8
DemocraticCongressman Nita M. LoweyIncumbent House CD 17
DemocraticCongressman Nita M. LoweyCandidate for House CD 17
DemocraticHolly LynchCandidate for House CD 10
DemocraticCongressman Carolyn Bosher MaloneyIncumbent House CD 12
DemocraticCongressman Sean Patrick MaloneyIncumbent House CD 18
DemocraticCongressman Sean Patrick MaloneyCandidate for House CD 18
DemocraticCongressman Gregory Weldon MeeksIncumbent House CD 5
DemocraticCongressman Gregory Weldon MeeksCandidate for House CD 5
DemocraticCongressman Grace MengIncumbent House CD 6
DemocraticCongressman Grace MengCandidate for House CD 6
DemocraticTracy MitranoCandidate for House CD 23
DemocraticCongressman Joseph D. "Joe" MorelleIncumbent House CD 25
DemocraticCongressman Joseph D. "Joe" MorelleCandidate for House CD 25
DemocraticCongressman Jerrold Lewis "Jerry" NadlerIncumbent House CD 10
DemocraticCongressman Alexandria Ocasio-CortezIncumbent House CD 14
DemocraticCongressman Alexandria Ocasio-CortezCandidate for House CD 14
DemocraticJonathan OrtizCandidate for House CD 15
DemocraticCongressman Kathleen M. RiceIncumbent House CD 4
DemocraticCongressman Kathleen M. RiceCandidate for House CD 4
DemocraticCongressman Max N. RoseIncumbent House CD 11
DemocraticCongressman Max N. RoseCandidate for House CD 11
DemocraticMike SaxCandidate for House CD 2
DemocraticSenator Charles E. "Chuck" SchumerIncumbent Senate Class 3
DemocraticCongressman José Enrique SerranoIncumbent House CD 15
DemocraticCongressman Thomas R. "Tom" SuozziIncumbent House CD 3
DemocraticCongressman Thomas R. "Tom" SuozziCandidate for House CD 3
DemocraticCongressman Paul David TonkoIncumbent House CD 20
DemocraticCongressman Nydia Margarita VelázquezIncumbent House CD 7
DemocraticCongressman Nydia Margarita VelázquezCandidate for House CD 7
DemocraticMichael S. WeinstockCandidate for House CD 3
North CarolinaDemocraticNorth Carolina Democratic Party
DemocraticCongressman Alma Shealey AdamsIncumbent House CD 12
DemocraticCongressman Alma Shealey AdamsCandidate for House CD 12
DemocraticChapel Hill School Board Member James BarrettCandidate for Superintendent of Public Instruction
DemocraticCongressman George Kenneth "G. K." Butterfield, Jr.Incumbent House CD 1
DemocraticCongressman George Kenneth "G. K." Butterfield, Jr.Candidate for House CD 1
DemocraticFernando Christian Cano, Jr.Candidate for House CD 9
DemocraticDeAndre Antwan CarterCandidate for House CD 1
DemocraticGovernor Roy Asberry CooperIncumbent Governor
Democraticformer state Senator Cal CunninghamCandidate for Lieutenant Governor
DemocraticDaryl FarrowCandidate for House CD 3
DemocraticMecklenburg County Commissioner Trevor Michael FullerCandidate for Senate Class 2
DemocraticScott HuffmanCandidate for House CD 8
DemocraticEva F. LeeCandidate for Senate Class 2
DemocraticMichael MaherCandidate for Superintendent of Public Instruction
DemocraticJen MangrumCandidate for Superintendent of Public Instruction
DemocraticSecretary of State Elaine Folk MarshallIncumbent Secretary of State
DemocraticDaniel Kent "Dan" McCreadyCandidate for House CD 9
DemocraticCongressman David Eugene PriceIncumbent House CD 4
Democraticstate Senator Erica D. SmithCandidate for Senate Class 2
DemocraticCurtis SobieCandidate for House CD 4
DemocraticAttorney General Joshua H. "Josh" SteinIncumbent Attorney General
Democraticstate Senator Terry Van DuynCandidate for Lieutenant Governor
DemocraticAuditor Beth A. WoodIncumbent Auditor
North Dakota  
Northern MarianasDemocraticDemocratic Party of the Northern Marianas
(Democratic)Territorial Delegate Gregorio Kilili Camacho "Kilili" SablanIncumbent Delegate to the House of Representatives
OhioDemocraticOhio Democratic Party
DemocraticCongressman Joyce B. BeattyIncumbent House CD 3
DemocraticSenator Sherrod BrownIncumbent Senate Class 1
DemocraticSenator Sherrod BrownCandidate for Senate Class 1
DemocraticCongressman Marcia L. FudgeIncumbent House CD 11
DemocraticCongressman Marcia Carolyn "Marcy" KapturIncumbent House CD 9
DemocraticCongressman Marcia Carolyn "Marcy" KapturCandidate for House CD 9
DemocraticCongressman Timothy J. "Tim" RyanIncumbent House CD 13
DemocraticCongressman Timothy J. "Tim" RyanCandidate for House CD 13
DemocraticLaura Ann WeaverCandidate for House CD 1
OklahomaDemocraticOklahoma Democratic Party
DemocraticArash M. GhazanfariCandidate for House CD 4
DemocraticCongressman Kendra HornIncumbent House CD 5
DemocraticCongressman Kendra HornCandidate for House CD 5
OregonDemocraticDemocratic Party of Oregon
DemocraticOregon House Democrats
DemocraticCongressman Earl BlumenauerIncumbent House CD 3
DemocraticCongressman Earl BlumenauerCandidate for House CD 3
DemocraticCongressman Suzanne M. BonamiciIncumbent House CD 1
DemocraticCongressman Suzanne M. BonamiciCandidate for House CD 1
DemocraticGovernor Kate BrownIncumbent Governor
DemocraticCongressman Peter Anthony "Pete" DeFazioIncumbent House CD 4
DemocraticCongressman Peter Anthony "Pete" DeFazioCandidate for House CD 4
(Democratic)Labor and Industries Commissioner Val HoyleIncumbent Commissioner of Labor and Industries
DemocraticSenator Jeffrey Alan "Jeff" MerkleyIncumbent Senate Class 2
DemocraticTreasurer Tobias ReadIncumbent Treasurer
DemocraticAttorney General Ellen F. RosenblumIncumbent Attorney General
DemocraticCongressman Walter Kurt "Kurt" SchraderIncumbent House CD 5
DemocraticCongressman Walter Kurt "Kurt" SchraderCandidate for House CD 5
DemocraticSenator Ronald Lee "Ron" WydenIncumbent Senate Class 3
PennsylvaniaDemocraticPennsylvania Democratic Party
DemocraticPennsylvania House Democratic Caucus
DemocraticPennsylvania Senate Democratic Caucus
DemocraticCongressman Brendan F. BoyleIncumbent House CD 2
DemocraticCongressman Brendan F. BoyleCandidate for House CD 2
DemocraticCongressman Matthew Alton "Matt" CartwrightIncumbent House CD 8
DemocraticCongressman Matthew Alton "Matt" CartwrightCandidate for House CD 8
DemocraticSenator Robert P. "Bob" Casey, Jr.Incumbent Senate Class 1
DemocraticSenator Robert P. "Bob" Casey, Jr.Candidate for Senate Class 1
DemocraticCongressman Madeleine Dean CunnaneIncumbent House CD 4
DemocraticCongressman Madeleine Dean CunnaneCandidate for House CD 4
DemocraticAuditor General Eugene A. DePasqualeIncumbent Auditor General
DemocraticCongressman Michael F. "Mike" DoyleIncumbent House CD 18
DemocraticCongressman Dwight EvansIncumbent House CD 3
DemocraticCongressman Dwight EvansCandidate for House CD 3
DemocraticLieutenant Governor John K. FettermanIncumbent Lieutenant Governor
DemocraticMarc FriedenbergCandidate for House CD 12
DemocraticDarryl P. HendricksCandidate for House CD 7
DemocraticCongressman Christina Jampoler "Chrissy" HoulahanIncumbent House CD 6
DemocraticCongressman Christina Jampoler "Chrissy" HoulahanCandidate for House CD 6
DemocraticCongressman Conor James LambIncumbent House CD 17
DemocraticCongressman Mary Gay ScanlonIncumbent House CD 5
DemocraticAttorney General Joshua D. "Josh" ShapiroIncumbent Attorney General
DemocraticTreasurer Joseph M. "Joe" TorsellaIncumbent Treasurer
DemocraticCongressman Susan Ellis WildIncumbent House CD 7
DemocraticCongressman Susan Ellis WildCandidate for House CD 7
DemocraticGovernor Thomas W. "Tom" WolfIncumbent Governor
Puerto RicoDemocraticPuerto Rico Democratic Party; American Airlines Bldg.; 1509 Lopez Landron St., 10th Fl.; San Juan, PR 00911; 787-721-6010
DemocraticYoung Democrats of America Puerto Rico Chapter (Facebook)
Republicans Abroad International  
Rhode IslandDemocraticDemocratic Party of Rhode Island
DemocraticCongressman David N. CicillineIncumbent House CD 1
DemocraticCongressman David N. CicillineCandidate for House CD 1
DemocraticSecretary of State Nellie M. GorbeaIncumbent Secretary of State
DemocraticCongressman James R. "Jim" LangevinIncumbent House CD 2
DemocraticGeneral Treasurer Seth MagazinerIncumbent General Treasurer
DemocraticLieutenant Governor Daniel J. "Dan" McKeeIncumbent Lieutenant Governor
DemocraticAttorney General Peter F. NeronhaIncumbent Attorney General
DemocraticGovernor Gina Marie RaimondoIncumbent Governor
DemocraticSenator John F. "Jack" ReedIncumbent Senate Class 2
DemocraticSenator Sheldon Whitehouse, IIIncumbent Senate Class 1
DemocraticSenator Sheldon Whitehouse, IICandidate for Senate Class 1
South CarolinaDemocraticSouth Carolina Democratic Party
DemocraticSouth Carolina House Democratic Caucus
DemocraticSouth Carolina Senate Democratic Caucus
DemocraticCongressman James Enos "Jim" ClyburnIncumbent House CD 6
DemocraticCongressman Joseph K. "Joe" CunninghamIncumbent House CD 1
DemocraticCongressman Joseph K. "Joe" CunninghamCandidate for House CD 1
DemocraticJaime Harrison HarrisonCandidate for Senate Class 2
South DakotaDemocraticSouth Dakota Democratic Party
TennesseeDemocraticTennessee Democratic Party
DemocraticCongressman Stephen Ira "Steve" CohenIncumbent House CD 9
DemocraticCongressman James H. S. "Jim" CooperIncumbent House CD 5
DemocraticCongressman James H. S. "Jim" CooperCandidate for House CD 5
DemocraticJames MacklerCandidate for Senate Class 2
TexasDemocraticTexas Democratic Party
DemocraticCongressman Colin AllredIncumbent House CD 32
DemocraticCongressman Colin AllredCandidate for House CD 32
DemocraticBrent BealCandidate for House CD 1
DemocraticLorie BurchCandidate for House CD 3
DemocraticElisa CardnellCandidate for House CD 2
DemocraticCongressman Joaquin CastroIncumbent House CD 20
DemocraticCongressman Joaquin CastroCandidate for House CD 20
DemocraticCongressman Henry R. CuellarIncumbent House CD 28
DemocraticCongressman Henry R. CuellarCandidate for House CD 28
DemocraticCongressman Lloyd Alton Doggett, IIIncumbent House CD 35
DemocraticCongressman Lloyd Alton Doggett, IICandidate for House CD 35
DemocraticCongressman Veronica EscobarIncumbent House CD 16
DemocraticCongressman Veronica EscobarCandidate for House CD 16
DemocraticCongressman Elizabeth Pannill "Lizzie" FletcherIncumbent House CD 7
DemocraticCongressman Elizabeth Pannill "Lizzie" FletcherCandidate for House CD 7
DemocraticCongressman Sylvia R. GarciaIncumbent House CD 29
DemocraticCongressman Sylvia R. GarciaCandidate for House CD 29
DemocraticCongressman Vicente GonzalezIncumbent House CD 15
DemocraticCongressman Vicente GonzalezCandidate for House CD 15
DemocraticCongressman Alexander "Al" GreenIncumbent House CD 9
DemocraticCongressman Alexander "Al" GreenCandidate for House CD 9
DemocraticIrasema Ramirez "Sema" HernandezCandidate for Senate Class 2
DemocraticCarol Higbee IannuzziCandidate for House CD 26
DemocraticCongressman Sheila Jackson LeeIncumbent House CD 18
DemocraticCongressman Eddie Bernice JohnsonIncumbent House CD 30
DemocraticJan McDowellCandidate for House CD 24
DemocraticNyanza Davis MooreCandidate for House CD 22
DemocraticAdrian OceguedaCandidate for Senate Class 2
DemocraticGregory T. SaganCandidate for House CD 13
DemocraticChristopher Rashaud SandlesCandidate for House CD 7
DemocraticMike SiegelCandidate for House CD 10
DemocraticCongressman Marc Allison VeaseyIncumbent House CD 33
DemocraticCongressman Filemon B. VelaIncumbent House CD 34
DemocraticLiz Domingo WahlCandidate for House CD 23
UtahDemocraticUtah Democratic Party
DemocraticUtah Senate Democrats
DemocraticCongressman Ben McAdamsIncumbent House CD 4
DemocraticCongressman Ben McAdamsCandidate for House CD 4
VermontDemocraticThe Vermont Democratic Party
DemocraticSecretary of State James C. "Jim" CondosIncumbent Secretary of State
DemocraticAttorney General T.J. DonovanIncumbent Attorney General
DemocraticAuditor Doug HofferIncumbent Auditor of Accounts
DemocraticSenator Patrick J. LeahyIncumbent Senate Class 3
DemocraticTreasurer Elizabeth "Beth" PearceIncumbent Treasurer
DemocraticCongressman Peter F. WelchIncumbent House At-Large
DemocraticCongressman Peter F. WelchCandidate for House At-Large
DemocraticLieutenant Governor David ZuckermanIncumbent Lieutenant Governor
Virgin IslandsDemocraticDemocratic Party of the Virgin Islands (yahoo groups)
DemocraticU.S. Virgin Islands Democratic Party (
DemocraticGovernor Albert J. Bryan, Jr.Incumbent Governor
DemocraticTerritorial Delegate Stacey E. PlaskettIncumbent Delegate to the House of Representatives
VirginiaDemocraticVirginia Democratic Party
DemocraticVirginia Joint Democratic Caucus
DemocraticVirginia Senate Democratic Caucus
DemocraticCongressman Donald Sternoff "Don" Beyer, Jr.Incumbent House CD 8
DemocraticCongressman Donald Sternoff "Don" Beyer, Jr.Candidate for House CD 8
DemocraticCongressman Gerald Edward "Gerry" ConnollyIncumbent House CD 11
DemocraticCongressman Gerald Edward "Gerry" ConnollyCandidate for House CD 11
DemocraticLieutenant Governor Justin E. FairfaxIncumbent Lieutenant Governor
DemocraticAttorney General Mark R. HerringIncumbent Attorney General
DemocraticAttorney General Mark R. HerringCandidate for Governor
DemocraticSenator Timothy Michael "Tim" KaineIncumbent Senate Class 1
DemocraticSenator Timothy Michael "Tim" KaineCandidate for Senate Class 1
DemocraticCongressman Elaine G. LuriaIncumbent House CD 2
DemocraticCongressman Elaine G. LuriaCandidate for House CD 2
DemocraticCongressman Aston Donald "Donald" McEachinIncumbent House CD 4
DemocraticCongressman Aston Donald "Donald" McEachinCandidate for House CD 4
DemocraticGovernor Ralph S. NorthamIncumbent Governor
DemocraticCongressman Robert Cortez "Bobby" ScottIncumbent House CD 3
DemocraticCongressman Abigail A. SpanbergerIncumbent House CD 7
DemocraticCongressman Abigail A. SpanbergerCandidate for House CD 7
DemocraticSenator Mark Robert WarnerIncumbent Senate Class 2
DemocraticCongressman Jennifer T. WextonIncumbent House CD 10
DemocraticLavangelene A. WilliamsCandidate for House CD 1
WashingtonDemocraticWashington State Democrats
DemocraticSenator Maria E. CantwellIncumbent Senate Class 1
DemocraticSenator Maria E. CantwellCandidate for Senate Class 1
DemocraticCongressman Suzan Kay DelBeneIncumbent House CD 1
DemocraticCongressman Suzan Kay DelBeneCandidate for House CD 1
DemocraticAttorney General Bob FergusonIncumbent Attorney General
DemocraticPublic Lands Commissioner Hilary FranzIncumbent Commissioner of Public Lands
DemocraticLieutenant Governor Cyrus HabibIncumbent Lieutenant Governor
DemocraticCongressman Dennis "Denny" HeckIncumbent House CD 10
DemocraticCongressman Dennis "Denny" HeckCandidate for House CD 10
DemocraticGovernor Jay R. InsleeIncumbent Governor
DemocraticCongressman Pramila JayapalIncumbent House CD 7
DemocraticCongressman Pramila JayapalCandidate for House CD 7
DemocraticCongressman Derek KilmerIncumbent House CD 6
DemocraticCongressman Derek KilmerCandidate for House CD 6
DemocraticInsurance Commissioner Mike KreidlerIncumbent Insurance Commissioner
DemocraticCongressman Richard Ray "Rick" LarsenIncumbent House CD 2
DemocraticAuditor Patrice "Pat" McCarthyIncumbent Auditor
DemocraticSenator Patricia L. "Patty" MurrayIncumbent Senate Class 3
(Democratic)Public Instruction Superintendent Chris ReykdalIncumbent Superintendent of Public Instruction
DemocraticCongressman Kim SchrierIncumbent House CD 8
DemocraticCongressman Kim SchrierCandidate for House CD 8
DemocraticCongressman David Adam "Adam" SmithIncumbent House CD 9
DemocraticCongressman David Adam "Adam" SmithCandidate for House CD 9
West VirginiaDemocraticWest Virginia Democratic Party
Democraticstate Senator Robert D. "Bob" BeachCandidate for Commissioner of Agriculture
DemocraticSenator Joseph "Joe" Manchin, IIIIncumbent Senate Class 1
DemocraticSenator Joseph "Joe" Manchin, IIICandidate for Senate Class 1
DemocraticTreasurer Johnny Duane "John" PerdueIncumbent Treasurer
DemocraticStephen Noble SmithCandidate for Governor
WisconsinDemocraticThe Democratic Party of Wisconsin
DemocraticWisconsin State Senate Democratic Committee
DemocraticSenator Tammy BaldwinIncumbent Senate Class 1
DemocraticLieutenant Governor Mandela BarnesIncumbent Lieutenant Governor
DemocraticGovernor Anthony Steven "Tony" EversIncumbent Governor
DemocraticTreasurer Sarah GodlewskiIncumbent Treasurer
DemocraticAttorney General Joshua "Josh" KaulIncumbent Attorney General
DemocraticCongressman Ronald James "Ron" KindIncumbent House CD 3
DemocraticCongressman Ronald James "Ron" KindCandidate for House CD 3
DemocraticSecretary of State Douglas "Doug" La FolletteIncumbent Secretary of State
DemocraticCongressman Gwendolynne S. "Gwen" MooreIncumbent House CD 4
DemocraticCongressman Gwendolynne S. "Gwen" MooreCandidate for House CD 4
DemocraticCongressman Mark PocanIncumbent House CD 2
DemocraticCongressman Mark PocanCandidate for House CD 2
WyomingDemocraticWyoming Democratic Party

Parties are listed as (party) where either it has been reported that a given candidacy is affiliated with a given Party but said affiliation does not appear on the ballot or 'The Green Papers' does not have independent confirmation from an election authority that the given Party has its own separate line on the ballot.


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