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The Classification of Political parties listed on

  1. Major Parties (those parties which received electoral votes through winning a plurality of a state's [or the District of Columbia's] popular vote in any presidential election between 1980 and 2012)
    1. Democrats and affiliates
    2. Republicans and affiliates
  2. Third Parties
    1. Major Third Parties and affiliates (any Party, other than a Major Party [as defined in 1. above], receiving a minimum of 15/100ths of 1 percent of the nationwide popular vote in any presidential election between 1980 and 2012 and which fielded candidates in the previous presidential election [2012] are hereby defined as "Major third parties" for the purposes of "The Green Papers" website. Excluded from this are non-party Independent bids for President which received at least 0.15% of the nationwide popular vote. See Criteria for including Major Third Parties.)
    2. Other Third Parties (i.e., not a Major Third Party)
  3. Independents (covering Unaffiliated, Nonpartisan and all the other synonyms/euphemisms for Independent)
  4. Write-in/Scattered/otherwise not readily classifiable

Independence Affiliates: Independent Greens

Party Links
The New York City Independence Party

Incumbents, candidates, and links to state affiliates
29 Candidates
2 Links

Independent Greens of Virginia
  Affiliate of: Independence

Incumbents, candidates, and links to state affiliates
5 Candidates

The "Independent Greens" are not affiliated with the "Green Party of the United States".

StatePartyCandidate or LinkOffice
American Samoa  
District of Columbia  
MinnesotaIndependenceIndependence Party of Minnesota
4 May 2019: The Minnesota Independence Party voted to affiliate with the Alliance Party.
IndependenceLee BauerCandidate for House CD 5
IndependenceBrandan BorgosCandidate for Attorney General
IndependenceSteve CarlsonCandidate for Senate Class 2
IndependencePatrick "Pat" DeanCandidate for Auditor
IndependenceJohn DenneyCandidate for House CD 6
IndependenceBob HellandCandidate for Secretary of State
IndependenceHannah NicolletCandidate for Governor
IndependencePaula Mirare OverbyCandidate for House CD 2
(Independence)Jack ShephardCandidate for Senate Class 2
IndependenceDave ThomasCandidate for House CD 4
(Independence)Stephen WilliamsCandidate for Senate Class 2
New Hampshire  
New Jersey  
New Mexico  
New YorkIndependenceThe New York City Independence Party
IndependenceCongressman Timothy H. "Tim" BishopCandidate for House CD 1
Independenceformer Nassau County Legislator Bruce A. BlakemanCandidate for House CD 4
IndependenceCongressman Christopher Carl "Chris" CollinsCandidate for House CD 27
IndependenceGovernor Andrew M. CuomoCandidate for Governor
IndependenceNicholas Salvatore "Nick" Di IorioCandidate for House CD 12
IndependenceComptroller Thomas P. "Tom" DiNapoliCandidate for Comptroller
IndependenceMatthew A. "Matt" DohenyCandidate for House CD 21
IndependenceCongressman Christopher Patrick "Chris" GibsonCandidate for House CD 19
IndependenceCongressman Michael G. "Mike" GrimmCandidate for House CD 11
IndependenceCongressman Richard L. HannaCandidate for House CD 22
Independenceformer Congressman Nan HayworthCandidate for House CD 18
IndependenceCongressman Steve J. IsraelCandidate for House CD 3
Independenceformer Assistant U.S. Attorney John M. KatkoCandidate for House CD 24
IndependenceCongressman Peter T. "Pete" KingCandidate for House CD 2
IndependenceCongressman Thomas W. "Tom" Reed, IICandidate for House CD 23
IndependenceAttorney General Eric T. SchneidermanCandidate for Attorney General
IndependenceElise M. StefanikCandidate for House CD 21
IndependenceCongressman Paul David TonkoCandidate for House CD 20
North Carolina  
North Dakota  
Northern Marianas  
Puerto Rico  
Rhode Island  
South Carolina  
South Dakota  
Virgin Islands  
VirginiaIndependent GreensDianne L. BlaisCandidate for House CD 10
Independent GreensGerard C. "Gerry" Blais, IIICandidate for House CD 8
Independent GreensElaine B. HildebrandtCandidate for House CD 6
Independent GreensKenneth J. "Ken" HildebrandtCandidate for House CD 5
Independent GreensGlenda Gail "Gail" "For Rail" ParkerCandidate for House CD 1
West Virginia  

Parties are listed as (party) where either it has been reported that a given candidacy is affiliated with a given Party but said affiliation does not appear on the ballot or 'The Green Papers' does not have independent confirmation from an election authority that the given Party has its own separate line on the ballot.


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