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2007 U.S. House
Popular Vote and FEC Total Receipts
by Party

Senate Popular Vote and FEC Total Receipts by Party
Gubernatorial Popular Vote by Party
House Popular Vote and FEC Total Receipts by Party
Close Contests Summary - Decision by 2% or less
Contests Where No Candidate Received a Majority


The popular vote tallies are UNOFFICIAL and have been acquired from various media sources.
The FEC tallies are compiled from each candidates' reported "Total Receipts". The grand total includes candidates participating in the general election -- the total does NOT include funds collected by candidates eliminated during the primary/caucus nomination process.
This tally does not include results for the following uncontested contests: AL CD 5, AL CD 6, AL CD 7, FL CD 2, FL CD 3, FL CD 19, FL CD 20, FL CD 23, IL CD 12, MA CD 1, MA CD 2, MA CD 3, MA CD 4, MA CD 5, MA CD 7, MI CD 13, NY CD 5, NY CD 6, NY CD 9, NY CD 22, TX CD 9, TX CD 11, WI CD 6. In addition, the Special Elections in NJ CD 13 and TX CD 22 are exclucded.


The overview is grouped by Major Party (Democratic and affiliates, Republican), Major Third Party (Libertarian, Green, Reform), Other Third Party, Independent, and Others (write-in, scattering, none of the above, etc.). Votes cast for fusion candidates (candidates appearing under the banner of multiple parties) are tallied under the Major Party.

Affiliated Party
or Classification
Total Receipts
Independent30 4,6051.54%$15,900
Green10 1,2740.43% 
Libertarian10 5380.18% 
Other Third Party10 4940.17% 
Others50 2690.09% 
7 listings424100.00%298,681100.00%$7,726,339

Party Details

Candidate's Balloted Party(ies)Affiliated Party
or Classification
Total Receipts
ConstitutionOther Third Party104940.17% 
7 listings 424298,681100.00%$7,726,339

Candidate Details

(I) = incumbent
* = winner
Total Receipts
CACD 37*Laura RichardsonDemocratic15,55967.00%$524,442
CACD 37John M. KanaleyRepublican5,83725.14% 
CACD 37Daniel Abraham BrezenoffGreen1,2745.49% 
CACD 37Herbert G. "Herb" PetersLibertarian5382.32% 
CACD 37Lee DavisWrite-in120.05% 
CACD 37Christopher RempleWrite-in10.00% 
CACD 37Lee DavisDemocratic   
CACD 37Mervin Leon EvansDemocratic   
CACD 37Felicia FordDemocratic   
CACD 37Bill Francisco GrisoliaDemocratic  $52,022
CACD 37Peter MathewsDemocratic  $60,491
CACD 37Valerie J. McDonaldDemocratic  $51,547
CACD 37Jenny OropezaDemocratic  $388,690
CACD 37George A. Parmer, Jr.Democratic  $2,292
CACD 37Jeffrey S. "Jeff" PriceDemocratic   
CACD 37Ed WilsonDemocratic  $26,220
CACD 37Leroy Joseph "Bishop L. J." GuilloryRepublican  $10,644
CACD 37Jeffrey "Lincoln" LeavittRepublican   
CACD 37Teri RamirezRepublican   
CACD 37Albert RoblesWrite-in   
MACD 05*Nicola S. "Niki" TsongasDemocratic54,36351.32%$2,579,347
MACD 05James "Jim" OgonowskiRepublican47,77045.10%$696,388
MACD 05Patrick O. MurphyIndependent2,1702.05% 
MACD 05Kurt Glenn HayesIndependent1,1251.06%$15,900
MACD 05Kevin J. ThompsonConstitution4940.47% 
MACD 05Eileen M. DonoghueDemocratic  $834,496
MACD 05James Bradley "Jamie" EldridgeDemocratic  $422,183
MACD 05Barry R. FinegoldDemocratic  $919,798
MACD 05James R. "Jim" MiceliDemocratic  $26,890
MACD 05Thomas P. "Tom" TierneyRepublican  $34,055
OHCD 05*Robert E. "Bob" LattaRepublican56,36756.87%$640,755
OHCD 05Robin R. WeirauchDemocratic42,56342.95%$45,563
OHCD 05John F. "Jack" GreenWrite-in1800.18% 
OHCD 05George F. MaysDemocratic   
OHCD 05Steve BuehrerRepublican  $256,169
OHCD 05Mark HollenbaughRepublican   
OHCD 05Fred PieperRepublican   
OHCD 05Michael "Mike" SmitleyRepublican   
VACD 01*Robert J. "Rob" WittmanRepublican42,76760.72%$94,925
VACD 01Philip R. ForgitDemocratic26,27537.31%$43,522
VACD 01Lucky R. NarainIndependent1,3101.86% 
VACD 01Write InWrite-in760.11% 
4 states4 offices42 candidates 298,681 $7,726,339

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